Blind Date || Episode 27

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Blind Date || Episode 27 || Narbada , Asal

For "Blind Date" blind card entry
Send us a min 2-3 min short video explaining why you want to enter Blind Date?
After your performance is approved you will get a message or call for further process.

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Number of contestant required
Female - 2
Male - 1

Rules for Audition
1) Participants should be single.
2) Participants should end any types of relationship with ex to qualify for Blind Date..
3) Participants should be above age 18.
4) Fresher highly appreciated.

Welcome to Blind Date ! Here you'll find your favorite bachelor in paradise moments from all cities/town of Nepal... Blind date is here to share the favorite & memorable moments from its episodes......

For season 2 audition update:

Devendra Pandey
Narbada lakandri
Asal Adhikari
C-lu (shilu) Pokhrel
Bikash Kharel
Mamta majhi
Ram Prasad Pokharel
Pranima Dahal
Mina Budhathoki
Laxman Baniya

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Superhit Cinema Nepal

Camera / Edit
Superhit Cinema Nepal

Production Manager
Superhit Cinema Nepal

Bikash B.C

Diwash Pokhrel

Akash Adhikari
Diwash Dahal
Anmol kc

Puspa Raj Khadka

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Roshan Dahal

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💬 Comments

i appreciate the confidence these people have. My parents would have killed me, if i was on such kind of show, talking like that.

Author — binod subedi


She doesn't know ram will choose her or not still staying loyal for him 💝

Author — Anju Chhetri


Namrada changes her personality according to her dress up🤣🤣

Author — Dipa Limbu


Narwad proved that Girls are loyal when she is in love with someone ..huge respect for her and all girls

Author — Andaries TJ


In finale when Ram choose Pranima then Narbada start dancing Asal created Dance, love to see

Author — Manish Shyamson


14:51 I need that confidence in my life 😂 to break stars

Author — Thapa Sajan


If someone is in real love with someone else is facts he/she would not like anyone same happens to Narvada... atleast she dnt neglect Asal she give him a positive vibes ❤️and that's make her much beautiful once again❤️

Author — Eliza Kuki


I felt a level of cringe every time Asal said he was a choreographer 🤣🤣

Author — Swastika Bajgain


Narwada Behaves Like Baby In This Episode 😆❤️

Author — Db Roka


I feel narvads has changed after meeting Ram..She is trying to learn good bhvr..politens😁😁

Author — Prayojana K.C.


After all what asal did with Mina ...he definitely deserves ignorance from Narbada.... Jasto lai teshtaii ... No one deserves a sick minded guy like asal adkhari 🥱....good job Narbada ❣️❣️

Author — Aditii Poudel


Finally real narmada is back
& this boy deserve oscar for his acting skills

Author — Joey


I really enjoyed this episode, really interesting

Author — Sarswati Gurung


Killer... This guy really knows how to take insult and scarsacm in a positive way.. 😂🤣🤣

Author — Travel with Marina & Kapil


Asal be like: ma dance garxu choreograph garxu was the most hilarious sentence that I have ever heard seriously I haven't seen such kind of overconfidence person in my whole life😂😂

Author — Sujana Xettri


She saying thank you at 24:57 is soooo damn cute 😍

Author — Palistha Bajracharya


How proudly narwada says that she is from Jhapa 😂😂

Author — Selisha Khatri


I'm super duper excited for raam decision😂♥️

Author — Nikista Timalsina


Asal is best today. He looks natural.. Narvada is preoccupied with Ram while ram is planning to go with parnima. She missed the chance.. she will be heartbroken

Author — Tshendu Tshering


Asal ko confident is next level
But who might be asal's so called partner ?
Clu : made him Bhai ❌
Narbada : made him Bhai too ❌
Meema : he rejected meena ❌
Parnima : she didn't show Intrest
Mamata : the only left girl
So is it mamata for asal

Author — ramess lovchan