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100% Kief Joint | Bassdropkeys 4.5
In this video I try to roll up a 100% kief joint. Will it work? Check out the video to find out
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I tried to do a straight Kief bowl one time All burnt up in less than half a second my lungs hated me but I was high as hell

Author — Brett Wilson


Ive literally just started smoking weed, you have no idea how much I’ve learnt from YouTube within the last 3 hours

Also subscribed, keep up the vids my g

Author — OxM


If youve been smoking since 16 and now you are 37🤣😂weed is not harnful

Author — john kaleli


You know that feeling when u got a bit of weed left hoping it’ll get you high 😂

Author — Victoria Christina


When i have no weed i roll up tobacco and mix it with keef (im Native and we view tobacco as medicine) and real tobacco not no store bought shit

Author — Westside Monkey


this mans hands have seen some things ong

Author — Jaylen Hess


The DEA prefers you smoke meth because it's very dangerous and highly addictive plus its less illegal than cannabis.
crooked Drug enforcement agency.

Author — AnonymouslyKind


At that point u shoulda jus inhaled it while it was burning lmao

Author — true sneakerhead


Kief is such a different high that shit is lit

Author — James Peacock


I did this 15 years ago in my friends treehouse when we ran out of buddha

Author — TheBakedDonut20


Once had a kief bowl be4 community service maaan iwas so high that cleaning trash at the beach seemed so nice 😁

Author — Hustler58


It's such a nice thing to get high and watch other people spark up as well, something about feeling apart of a group of homies who light up as well xD

Author — Saljavin


Does it feel like Jerry Garcia is in your ears?

Author — C Dub


Idk about other places but in Ireland we call it a clean-up joint made from kief in the grinder gathered over a couple of weeks and you just roll it and light that shit up

Author — Trash Skate & Graffiti


some times i take a bamboo scewer and push it throug my joint lengtwise to make the airflow better

Author — Sybo Gerritse


Smoking one just now, I remember how I got past the airflow problem, I took a toothpick and made a channel for the air to get through along the side of the joint.

Kinda like a plumber's joint if you've ever smoked one of those.

Author — nrrork


I know you was heated going 2 sleep wit no spliff😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author — Money B4 Sleep


Goddamn campfire lit on the end of that joint

Author — Ray Humildad


I think the keef was fine you jus rolled it too tight

Author — Jack Pearson


Jus found ur channel 5 mins ago an already subbed 💯

Author — Bruh 420