How to Stream on Twitch with OBS

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How to Stream on Twitch with OBS 5

You've got all the hardware you need for a top-notch stream - but how do you put it all together in software and get it working?

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The Guide didn't work for me. :/ I appear to be permanently banned for accidentally leaving my stream on over 200 days ago. Could you make an updated guide on how I can stream on Twitch? Thanks ;D

Author — Vexxed


Some tips for people getting into streaming.

1 ) Audio is more important than video. People will put up with a slightly pixelated video but when your mic doesn't sound good people will leave.

2) Stream on a schedule if you can, that will greatly increase number of returning viewers.

3) While streaming many hours every day definitely increases your viewership make sure you have a "normal" streaming schedule you want to work to in mind. Your goal is to grow your viewership enough that your change of schedule won't affect your bottom line. Basically your burning your health / work over hours to grow enough to sustain yourself easier in the future.

4) Join a stream team and start talking to other streamers preferably with a viewer base that is interested in the type of content your making. Work together, raid each other after your done streaming. Most people make it on Twitch through socializing and working with other streamers. Try to get on podcasts or do co-op games with other streamers.

5) Have a brand name ready that is available on Twitch and every social media platform you intent to use, as well as a domain name. Having different names or changing your name at any point will seriously hurt your viewership. Make sure its something you can live with in 5 years, you don't want to be that 30 something guy streaming as xXxSephirothxXx, right? Businesses will take you more seriously if you have your own domain and they will look at your website before your Twitch channel.

6) If you intent to stream as a job treat it as a job. You basically run your own business, meaning you need to organize as such, pay taxes etc. Doing a proper job from the start with avoid any financial setbacks or many hours searching when you need something. And make back-ups.

7) As any business you need to invest to grow. This doesn't just apply to hardware or software this goes for everything you use for streaming and while using free tools, plugins and art when your just starting is fine but using custom work will stand out, look professional and be more memorable. Good emotes are also key and optimally you want emotes people are likely to use on other channels.

8) Listen to your body! Sitting all day and using a mouse and keyboard all day takes a huge toll on the body, you NEED to invest in a good ergonomic chair and desk, take regular breaks at set times and get enough exercise. You can't give a good show if your ill or in pain.

9) Listen to your mind! Being exposed to the internet as a streamer is extremely mentally taxing and you NEED to talk about at least some of it to someone. Look at how more experienced streamers deal with problems on stream and learn from them. Nearly all streamers quit because of psychological issues so if you want to do this for a living you need to understand the dangers that come with this job and deal with them properly and as early as possible. You can't give a good show if your not in a good mindset.

10) Know when you give up. Not everyone can become Twitch / Internet famous, that is just not how things work. Regardless of how hard you work or how much you financially invest you can't control the "x factor", luck, hand of god. Have a back-up plan and make sure your financially secure if things don't work out.

Author — Souchira


OBS also has an automatic setup that tests your connection and chooses the best bitrate and resolution you can stream at

Author — Cobalt Quasar


How to be a millionaire from playing fortnite

Author — kremit the frog


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People commenting this was super helpful when the videos only been out 2 seconds 😂😂

Author — UnboxIt


Thanks to this, I've become a full time-multimillionaire fortnite streamer!

Author — sweetendi


I want to stream too but my PC hardware is very low ....

Author — The Ymi


How to stream the WAN show to the test channel

Author — silverhelmet61


Damn this guy is so similar to the linus cat tips guy.

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"We are a serious channel here, on Tech Quickie"

his t-shirt: "Holy Balls"

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I use ms paint to live stream


Author — MS Paint Daily


The guys at OBS can make a good program but they have a terrible website

Author — Scrap Tech Tips


"We're a serious channel"
- Linus Sebastian (2018)

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Surprised that you guys are even aware of this step given the nature of the WAN show

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dude as soon as you gave that opening advice, i knew i'd love the vid.

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I want to stream music production with my friends. I see I'm gonna have to mess around a bit to get it to play nice with asio, my external sound card, discord, and my lav mic all at the same time...

Author — Devin Cory


Alrighty, thanks for that birtate chart, matching it with my internet connection, I can give a healthy steam of up to...
480p60 ;-;

Author — Noorquacker


*Linus:* This is a serious channel
*Also Linus:* Wearing a Holy Balls! shirt.

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the opening intro always sounds like a pig squeal for me lol

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