James Bullard on the US economy and potential global slowdown

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James Bullard on the US economy and potential global slowdown 4.5

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard shares his take on the state of the U.S. economy and gives insight on the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting in September.

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These fools sound like the global warming crowd...
Doomsday prophets all...

Author — Bryan Tittle


If shutting down ends the Federal Reserve and ends the deep State take over, then I'm all for it! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Author — cj7 doll


Stop disabling comments FOX.

Thumb up if you understand why it's important

Author — Hopper Mantis


Nightly Business Report, said it clearly
If RECESSION not til 12 to 24 month
Common people, by they want US to want go in a paranoid MOOD

Author — Virginia Campodonico


We are all doomed....global recession is coming....global warning is killing us....just kidding....but made u look!

Author — dane kelly


Blah blah blah theres always recessions ...

Author — BaTTle CAt


I live on farm land and it shuts down every winter

Author — Richard Edwards


The fed is responsible for the drop in the markets and the trade war is nessary for the USA long term! By the way I’m Series 7, 63, 66 licensesd so not talking without knowledge! Federal Reserve is not Government, it’s banks running the money for big banks!

Author — Tim Johnson


ILLEGALS from Mexico have already done that damage.
$134 billion for ILLEGALS caring just in 2017.

Author — Julius Vinter


“Hello”, Walmart high earnings this month is due to “BACK TO SCHOOL SPENDING”! How dumb can one be???? LOL!!!!

Author — Chris


Global slow downs are manufactured by the greedy in power. They control paper money, our shackles.

Author — maritimer Man


Who in the current administration comes to these two globalist for advice on the economy guarantee you no one

Author — A Velez USMC 0811


Zero inflation is better. This never use to be an issue. Get rid of the FOMC.

Author — Minnesota Salamander


Global slowdown is not USA dlowdown!!!

Author — Jose Anibal Sotto


Stock market is like going to Las Vegas it is a gamble, you win or lose save your money sure bet.

Author — Mani USA


Get rid of the fed and their meddling and this country would be booming.

Author — Bob Goldesberry


Stock Markets: (Rising)
Trump: I made the stocks rise!🤪
Stock Market: (plunging)
Trump: it's his fault, its her fault, it's the Democrats fault, its Obamas, just not my fault.😑😑😑

Author — Make'Women4Trump'Orgasm Again


Notice how none of them talked about the dow

Author — johny boom


Yea yea, heard this before doomsayers

Author — Blake T


It is in the best interest of the USA to re-invigorate its industrial production. It keeps American dollars and tax-dollars in the USA. It provides semi-skilled labor jobs to American citizens and these citizens income is taxed and the remainder is spent on goods produced in America and consumed in America. Now, the investors don't like this, but the vast majority of American citizens are not 'investors' and as such what is good for Wall Street and fiancers is not good for America. It also gives us foreign policy freedom in the exact way energy independence has given the USA the ability to ignore Iranian threats in the Strait of Hormuz - in short - it helps keep America out of war.

Author — Bambi Able