How to Dome Vinyl Labels

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

This video demonstrates how to use and apply Action Adhesives D4000 Doming resin to vinyl, metal, plastics among other substrates.

Adding a doming resin to a labels transforms its appearance giving it a 3d effect and a more professional appearance.

Excellent UV and weathering resistance.
Very durable and scratch resistant
super easy to apply with very little equipment and a small set up cost.

Can be used on lapel badges, number plates, gel plates 3d number plates, machine labels badges etc etc

💬 Comments

Nice idea! But I have a question . How it is possipble the advesive remains on the sticker area and not escape out of the graphics? Thank you.

Author — Λευτέρης Αλεξάκης


How do you get it to stop at the edge of the emblem

Author — Mr. Gunk


Hello, could you please tell me which liquid you use

Author — Efqan Sediyev


Nice. Let me know if you may need automatic machine for iit, or if you have it already ;)

Author — Second Intelligent Equip.


Can I do this at home? what is price of equipment

Author — दाढीवाला Traveller


Haow to apply it on numbers for number plate

Author — Mani Kandan


Why is no one telling the damn liquid they use?

Author — Saunitries