How to play Bocce Ball

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To set up the game, check out this video. The object of the game is to be the first team to reach 12 or 16 points. The object of each frame is to get your bocce balls closer to the pallino ball than your opponent. All throws must happen from within the throwing zone. The team going first, tosses the pallino ball then throws their first bocce ball towards it. The other team then throws their first bocce ball. After teach team has thrown their first bocce, the team with the bocce furthest away then throws all their remaining 3 bocce balls, one at a time. Then, the other team throws their remaining 3 bocce balls.

Hitting the pallino or other bocce balls is allowed, and players receive no penalty or bonus for doing so. Once all 8 bocce balls have been thrown, the team with the closest bocce to the pallino wins the frame. Only one team scores each frame. One point is scored for each bocce ball that is closer to the pallino than the opponent’s closest bocce ball. A measuring tape can be used to determine which balls are closer. For example, Team 1 has 2 bocce balls closer to the pallino than team 2’s first closest bocce ball. Team 1 scores 2 points while team 2 scores zero. The score is tallied, and the fame is complete.

After each frame, alternate sides of the court. For backyard play, simply throw in a different direction. The team that scored the previous frame begins the next frame by tossing the pallino then their bocce. This process continues until 1 team scores 16 points, then they are the winner.

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I rotate so that the team with the current point(s) cedes the toss to the opponent. If green is closest, red tosses. If there are no more red balls, then green can toss his remaining greens. This is the rotation I've seen in every other video on the game.

Author — Bob Morey


I play a variation where teams alternate turns throwing balls and the team that scores in the last frame goes first in the next.

Author — Coordinator


16 points dear God I'm going to be here all day

Author — Silky Benjamin


In Venezuela, there is a game similar to bocce called bolas Criollas

Author — EternalBlue2022


Thank you...such a valuable information about bocce game

Author — Sarmistha Dutta


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Author — Rollors


Triple s games's backyard and road reveal!

Author — Antonio


And winner of the frame leads off the next frame.

Author — Bob Morey


Hey it looks like the game in oggy and the cockroaches

Author — Rainbow Dash


What tf!? Who comes up with these kinda sports!?🤣😂

Author — Devon Fernandez


is that pastor jeff from young sheldon

Author — Rashid Zia