Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink Train Types Explained - Petersham Morning Peak

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This video is an introduction to all the train types that were running on Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink services during the early part of 2021.

In this video, you will see Waratah Trains (both Series 1 and 2), Tangara Trains, K Sets, C Sets and the Millennium Trains. The C Sets featured in this video were sadly withdrawn a few days later.

You'll also see the V Sets and Oscar trains that run on the longer NSW TrainLink services.

This video also captures the diesel XPT, Xplorer and Endeavour trains. You'll also see the new NIF train on test (now named the "Mariyung" train).

I cover each Sydney train type in turn, in the order that they appeared heading towards Central after 7am on Friday 12 February 2021. The exceptions are the XPT and Xplorer trains which only ran from Central during the morning peak.

Time Stamps
00:00 Petersham Station Intro
00:30 The Six Train Lines Explained.
02:10 Waratah Series 1 - A Sets
05:05 Waratah Series 2 - B Sets
08:15 V Sets
09:41 Tangara - T Sets
10:56 Oscar Trains - H Sets
12:21 K Sets
14:53 XPT
15:58 Millennium - M Sets
17:55 C Sets
20:04 Endeavour
21:05 Xplorer
21:51 NIF (Mariyung) - D Sets
22:40 Petersham Morning Peak Mayhem!
24:40 R42
25:04 Outro

Links to Maps and other images used in this video.

S Set

Sydney Trains Map

NSW TrainLink Map

Regional Services Map

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💬 Comments

I left Sydney more than 10 years ago - great to see this summary, reminds me of my old commute and how much it will have improved with the newer trains, especially since I think everything is air-conditioned now! Thank you, great video.

Author — James Williamson


Hi Paul. I have lived in Sydney all my life and I was glued to this video like a newcomer because you made it so entertaining and educational. Thanks Paul for this excellent presentation.

Author — Aussie John


Really good Paul! Just wanted to point out that the C sets ran all day but some K sets were brought out for peak hour. Run 27 and run 6 were C set runs until their retirement.

Author — Sydney Metro Vlogs


Great to see the new stock Paul. I lived in Sydney from 1986 to 2000 and remember my first hair-raising trip over the harbour bridge to a new job, on a red rattler with doors open in the times have changed.

Author — Nigel Giles


Fantastic and informative video! I have learnt a lot now about our trains! The backgrounds of the train sets were fascinating!

Author — Agent [REDACTED]


That montage at the end was very cool to watch! Sure was busy!

Author — Agent [REDACTED]


I like your work and dedication. It I a revelation and your work gives me great confidence in NSW transport and the investments they have made.

There is a lot of capital work done in the recent past and looks very slick and professional.

I’d like to see more on the practical technology on how it all works. Drivers Cabin, control room and energy supply.


Author — David Gill


Thanks Paul, really good video and thanks for all the audio of the electric motors, keep up the audio descriptions they make a big difference.

Author — Iaen Cordell


Paul the lines are known as the up and down main (fast). The up and down suburban (med) and up and down local (slow). Thank you for this great video and all this great information and detail. Well done you are a natural mate.

Author — Kenneth Leggatt


Awesome Video and History on the Trains! Also about Tangaras; on MOST weekends, The T2/T3/T8 Lines (or known as sector 2) gets ONE Tangara. Also I heard from a staff member that we SHOULD be getting 8 Tangara rosters for sector 2

Author — NSW Rail Vlogs


I saw the C-set at Glenfield on Wednesday! These are being used as relief sets in case of need for extra peak trains or other out of service trains until supposedly the end of this month right?

Author — Duane Christian


Great work. Very entertaining and well researched videos. Please keep the fantastic work rolling.

Author — Jon Boland


Thanks now I understand more when you call out each train set's name and know what you are talking about. Pity all the red rattlers are gone, rode on lots of them in their peak days. In the 80s especially in the weekends there were a lot of 4 cars trains running. It was important not to stand too far from the platforms ends in case one has to run to the short carriages.

Author — Woodland26


Great video. Just curious about what part of England your from if you don't mind me asking. And are there any other stations you plan to film at?

Author — Joshua Stanbury


Hi Paul thanks for the vlog the official titles of the tracks there are up and down main up.and down suburban and up.and down local provided the signals are clear the main is the fastest track there but not by much the suburban also has fast speeds but all.three tracks have multiple speed limits between Sydney and Homebush where the local line finishes

Author — Stephen Tennant


Great video and so interesting you have my vote. I come from Toronto where we have lots of trams subways and the GO commuter train but nothing like what you have in Sydney.

Author — Peter Crosby


Good to see nearly all types of rolling stock in one vid.

Author — Kevin Cobley


And 21:00 Endeavours run on the Hunter Line as well, from Newcastle Interchange to Dungog or Scone

Author — Fire YT


Great video Paul.

Just to clarify the lines at 00:42

-the 'fast' lines are called the up and down main lines
-the 'semi-fast' are called the up and down suburban lines
-and the 'slow' lines are called the up and down local lines.

Author — 22Ry 22


Enjoyed your videos, great trains you have, wish we had some double deckers lol, greetings from the UK, have subscribed

Author — Yorkshire Mal's Trains