The Supreme Art Of Living

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 years ago

An excerpt from "The Mountain The Valley" - and featured talk of Eckhart Tolle's produced by ETTV.

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It is my belief that Eckhart Tolle is a rare gift to us in our presen time of global unrest.

Author — Jacqueline Brown


he's speaking real wisdom in simple terms.... i love this man and his words...

Author — chris kendrick


Eckhart laughs, Eckhart loves, all the time, he is funny, his teachings have helped me become lighter and lighter, happier and happier. No thing is serious. Thank you.

Author — Nicobornico


Eckharts sense of humour is just brilliant. In all my 16 years with an anxiety disorder, his voice and words and teachings have done more for me than any other path in recovery I’ve taken ❤️



Ekhart Tolle is one of the great spiritual teachers of our time, and many of his videos, books etc have helped me through times of struggle. There is so much simplicity in his conveyance and he adds a calming tone of voice to elaborate those meaningful key points. Kudos to Mr Tolle!

Author — Colin Booth


He is so adorable. I swear if I ever met him, i am gonna give him a big hug, and probably not let go

Author — Vishal Deepak


Incredibly profound. What a beautiful gift of insight! Thank you for sharing.

Author — Lynsey Johnson


Eckhart Tolle is special among the spiritual thought leaders of our time. I have turned his books into manuals that I often refer to and refresh my thoughts and lessons learned... besides enjoying him greatly in these presentations! Thank you, Eckhart! Keep up with this great mission!

BTW, Donald Trump happens to be his exact opposite, lol!

Author — john jay


Thank you Master, listening to you is so good for my soul :)

Author — Jorge Martínez


This person changed my life in full, thank you to exist Mr Tolle, people like you should be on top of the world and teach humans the real value of life and how important is awakening.

Author — Alessandro Mav


love his little chuckles to himself. lovely person. love.

Author — goodsirknight


I feel very fortunate and gratefully for coming in touch with Eckhart

Author — Amresh Shah


Words are alive, even more powerful than the thoughts we think. Reading about love allows us to understand the wisdom of pure desire and accurate success, every time. Love is such a massively deep understanding success, that just learning about it accurately will set any persons heart free, just from the sensational understanding it'self. Success is the knowledge of pure love. Wisdom is the understanding compassion we get to see as the perspectives we realize, when what we are doing is truly loving. Wisdom is the knowledge of living our pure desire effortlessly, in the passion of our own love. The more we love, the broader our awareness becomes, and the deeper rooted our vibrational sensations feel to us as well. 

Author — jordan klimp


Eckhart does a great job reminding us that many addictions exist, and the biggest just might be our addiction to.... THINKING. An "aha moment" for me was that knowledge can help lessen obsessive thinking, but as well just simply making a conscious choice to not let mindless thoughts take over can really open room in your heart for miracles. Worth the watch!

Author — KabamTV


I struggle, too, and I have for years. I feel like I've been gaining a little traction recently. I put my attention on my body and breath whenever I feel a challenging emotion, and look at the thoughts that are occurring. I usually find resistance; and a few moments of focused awareness and slow, steady breathing will clear it. I can't do this in the most challenging situations yet, but I believe continued practice will help me get there. Getting enough sleep is important, too. Good luck.

Author — LauraJeanBabbitt


Very wise. This is something I experience in my life, it's just a wonderful realisation, and it took me quite a while now to actually live like that, but I'm getting better at it, thanks Eckhart.

Author — Michael Lemke


Pure legend. I love you from the bottom of my heart Eckhart.

Author — Uneland Photo


Fantastic! This is one of his most important speeches

Author — Wagner


He's so Adorable! So simple yet so genious is his message that most people never think of..

Author — A P


This is art of living, you can feel it.