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Inside Huawei And 5G - BBC Click 4.5
We travel to the Huawei campus in Shenzhen, China and find out their plans for 5G.

Twitter: @bbcclick

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Globally everyone knows that the US spies on everyone (including Angela Merkel) under NSA PRISM project... ! Why are the thieves (the West) crying theft ???? Isn't this pure hypocrisy and smearing???

Author — PP C.


Us: don't buy huawei equipment
Germany: why?
Us: security concerns
Germany: how do you know we're buying huawei equipment?
Us: I monitored merkel's phone calls

Author — garen demacia


30 years ago. US vs the other superpower
10 years ago. US vs China
1month ago. US vs a

Author — lds lee


US : Give us a back door
Huawei : No
US : Huawei is unsafe

Author — Attaullah Sher


Google:we don`t spy on your private information
US Gov:Let`s ban Huawei

Author — Eden Shing Michael


US: dont buy huawei equipment!
Citizen: why?
US: they will spy on
Citizen: how do you know?
US: because we spying chinese government and you!

Author — Vendy Chung


Europe has found no backdoor on Huawei equipment and Cisco has 10 backdoors, so much for the spying talk

Author — Kin FR L


Who bugged Angela Merkel's cell phone?

Author — ty white


USA just wants to control 5G. They will ban china's and release a slightly improved 4G relabeled as 5G

Author — shagadelic3000


Huawei 4G is everywhere today. If they spy on people, you should also block 4G now. They block Huawei 5G is because US can't hack Huawei. UK government didn't find any backdoor in Huawei, but found in Cisco. Let's face the truth, Snowden told the truth many years ago and nobody listen.

Author — Eric Law


Spying of huawei is real...its because of p30 pro zoom..hehe

Author — Sabo D Dragon


Lol, what a misleading video, only the suspicious talk without any documentary support.

Author — Kaijin Is The Greatest !!!


Pakistan has dealt with both countries closely, We always found China as trustworthy and reliable while US was always deceitful. Thanks

Author — Chingez Khan


Huawei stole the technology developed in the United States in 2030😄

Author — mikyyz ye


Why the UK not blocking cisco when it was found to have backdoors for NSA? No evidence that Huawei has any backdoors and west media went crazy with the story.

Author — nonameleft1


Huawei's 4G is everywhere even the poorest countries have 4G USA is just jealous of China having access to 5G before them

Author — murder boy


A boy went buy a cell
Boy:I wanna cell phone
Sells man:good but don't Huawei
S M:china spy on you
Boy:really oky, what is good then?
S M:how about apple?
Boy:it's made by usa right?
S M:no no it's really good.. directly made in China..
Lol 😂😂😂😂

Author — Thushara Siriluck


Says the righteous of them all. United Spies of America, thanks Snowden.

Author — WhyAlwaysMe? JuanClawdGahwd-Damn


USA has been spying for years but now when the chinese are doing it. Its a problem

Author — Chifaro v


All I'm hearing is "could", "maybe" and "possible".