Sarah Anderson's Navajo-Plying (Chain-Plying) Demonstration

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Sarah Anderson explains her unique Navajo plying technique. This variation on the Navajo-plying or chain-plying technique is different than many others because all three plies are completely under control and under equal tension when the twist enters them, resulting in a very consistently plied yarn.

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Topics We’ll Cover:
0:00 Using Navajo ply
0:31 Getting set up
0:46 Hand placement and starting to ply
1:06 Keeping plies aligned
1:43 Tips for smoothing bumps
3:03 How to make a longer loop
3:31 Why Navajo ply is so useful
4:10 Fibers that are good for Navajo ply
4:32 Fibers that are not suitable
4:51 How to tell if it's a balanced yarn

💬 Comments

This best describes chain plying of all demos I’ve seen. Thank you!

Author — Susan E Weinberg


Thank you SO MUCH for this video. I have been struggling with this type of plying, have watched numerous videos, and this is the one that made it all come together for me. Great demonstration.

Author — Elaine Gault


Sarah, best video I have seen on Navajo Plying. Thank you!

Author — Linda Hobley Tannahill


It wasn't until about halfway through the video that I realized you are making a NEW loop somehow, as you draw the ply back to your stomach. Not sure exactly how you're doing that. I'd love to try this.

Author — MK Christiansen


Given that advanced fibre weaving, twill, et al were introduced to America by Europeans I find it interesting you'd refer to 'Scandinavian plying' or 'chain plying' as 'navajo plying' when the Germanic people have been doing this for 7, 000+ years with wool (and 40, 000 years with other fibres) whereas the Navajo have been doing it for a few centuries, tops.

Author — Dr. Lex Winter