Alba Iulia (Romania)

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Alba Iulia (Romania) 4.5

A visit in the citadel of Alba Iulia.

Shot on a gopro with a stabilization (august 2019)

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Newsflash! (In case you want to know): Alba Iulia ("the white Julia") in English is the new name of Apulu(m), an ancient Dacian city name (the older name of Romania is Dacia, and the oldest is Hyperborea), is the birth city of a well known doctor, artist, warrier, phyloshpher etc.., known as "the man from Apulu", later "Apulu", later "Apolo", and even later "Apollo", the God we all know from the ancient history.
He had to kids who stept in his shoes so to say, and became doctors too. Esculap (the greeks misformed his name in their legends as "Asclepius", anyway the adored him), and Higeia (greek version "Hygieia").
The sister of Apulu/Apollo was Bendis, a Dacian huntress, known later in greek legends as Artemis, and at the Pelasgians (the original inhabitants of Pelasgia, later known as "greece" after the greeks attacked, burned and masacreed everything in site, thus bringing "The Greek Dark Ages", see this on as "the Getae Godess", a.k.a. Dio/Day Getae (reads "Gete"), on wikipedia mentioned as "Tay Gete", and as "Potnia Theron" Dacian name (see also Charlize Theron actress), and at the Dacians/Aryans from India (Harappa/Vedic Civilisation) as "Patni".
(Greek GENOCID-expansion)

Ancient Dacian (today called "Aromanian") a.k.a. "Olympian"(God's) language:

Now you know more.
If interested, I can give you the link to the serie of the real World History, fron the brgining up to today.

Author — Loraine680