Inside Look at the Patriots Super Bowl 53 Ring Ceremony

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Inside Look at the Patriots Super Bowl 53 Ring Ceremony 5

Before the Patriots drop their 6th Super Bowl banner, take a look back inside the Patriots Ring Ceremony celebrating their Super Bowl LIII win at their ring ceremony including interviews from Stephon Gilmore, Sony Michel, Jason McCourty, John Simon and Josh McDaniels.

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Everyone brought there girlfriend or wife and the McCourty twins brought their momma. Respect.

Author — Prison Bill Cosby


Sony michel is undefeated in the playoffs

Author — Tom Yamaguchi


Antonio Brown watching this, while rubbing his hands like Birdman...let's go Pats!

Author — Not Even Wrong


Brady still has 4 naked fingers. Lets get those fingers covered!

Author — Thomas


He's a student, and he listens to Bill as if it's his first year. He takes a hit on his salary. He adjusts. That's why he's what he is - Tom Terrific Brady!!

Author — paddocmegchiru


Trophy #6 will forever be known as the "Gronk" trophy with that dent.
How apropos.

Author — Russ Hartman


Good thing bill and tommy “hate each other“ imagine if they didn’t... 🙄

Author — Garbanzo123


What a journey for Shelton & McCourty!
0-16 to SB champs

Author — Euro Guy 85


Slater really knows how to put words together in a way which is like woah

Author — Alan Balram


1:52 Belichick with the flex got me dying

Author — Optiima


I can’t wait for the game tonight. It’s going to be fun to have a group of deadly receivers. 1 more week for AB to make his appearance in his Patriots uniform.

Author — Cris EX


I'm glad that Jason got a ring along with his brother, Devin.

Author — Of All My Intention


Once you get 1 why Not one more. Patriots way

Author — EaST CoAsT MaCHete


Lord of the Rings: Return of the Kings

Author — DreAmDocTa


For the rest of their lives... introduced as "Super Bowl Champion:" and some of them with multiples. (A lot of them!)

Author — thanksfernuthin


Brady has made more super bowl champs then anybody lol

Author — streetsweeper49


"once you win one, why not one more?" YASSS

Author — Isha Pendem


This video was beautiful! Amazing season let’s go for 7th! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Author — Claudia Bolanos


Mathew Slater looks and sounds like he should be working on nuclear reactors and not playing football.

Author — Manuel DeAbreu


Honestly I was looking to see if Eldeman had a date. Dammitt i saw her😔😜
Lets get it tonite Pats!!

Author — Lashunda Smith