The Instagram aesthetic that made QAnon mainstream

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The Instagram aesthetic that made QAnon mainstream 5

Conspiracy theory researchers explain how QAnon spread through Instagram.

At first glance, the images under the hashtags about child trafficking don’t look that different from anything else you’d expect to see on Instagram. They feature bright pastel colors with trendy fonts spelling out taglines like “wake up” and “get loud.”

What the people who see these hashtags — and the lifestyle influencers who often post them — might not know is that the hashtag is being used to bring QAnon ideas into the mainstream. In March, 23 percent of people surveyed by Pew had heard of QAnon; by September, that number had risen to 47 percent. Now the conspiracy theory has reached a bigger support base than ever before via QAnon-lite memes — with serious implications for the election.

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"Child trafficking is bad, let's vote for a guy that was friend with a child trafficker" - QAnon

Author — Mr Boiardo


I feel for the charity Save the Children, having their identity stolen.

Author — DSQueenie


Imagine some poor vox employee delving deep into the hellhole that is politigram

Author — Paul is a person


It scares me that millions of people lack... critical evaluation skills. "Don't believe everything you read" - it really used to be that simple.

Author — m8055


And of course, it's making the fight against actual child trafficking much harder.

Author — Imy


facebook and instagram is making our parents and grandparents into the people they were afraid the internet would make our generation

Author — blaze -xr-


A new conspiracy theory that qanon was made by traffickers to spread misinformation about trafficking that draws attention to trafficking that ultimately helps trafficking

Author — Veronica


Trump administration just sent hundreds of migrant children back to the Southern border, with no parents. The Trump admin is literally trafficking actual children.

Author — Queenofallmonkeys


watching this is slightly terrifying when you see these posts constantly.

Author — morgan julianna


The Instagram infographic industrial complex

Author — Gavin Sawyer


ViceNews: "QAnon is now involved in an alleged child kidnapping case"
Congratulations, you played yourself 🎊

Author — Naomi and Corvin


I'm from Russia and see this for the first time. It looks like a very weird "Black Mirror" episode...

Author — Илья Макарчук


The real tragedy is how Qanon's twisted, weird take on what child trafficking is like actually makes it harder to fight *actual* human trafficking.

Author — Midgard Eagle


Sadly QAnon believers do zero against real child trafficking.

Author — guffaw


Maybe we should just delete social media...

Author — Brains Applied


This is the Satanic Panic all over again, people's lives are going to be destroyed by mass hysteria

Author — antipyrene


I'm scared about our future honestly. If all it took was 4 years to go this far

Author — Evin Drews


creating wild conspiracy theory’s that ultimately end up making child trafficking worse, to own the libs! 😎

Author — xxsknnylgndx


It is a shame they have used that slogan as it will damage the Save the Children charity that has raised money and awareness of child poverty. They have existed for 100 years as an international charity and do amazing work.

Author — tellthemborissentyou


When internet trolls enter their 30s and enter politics.

Author — US