Russia: Putin tries local produce after inspecting farm in Tver Oblast

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Russia: Putin tries local produce after inspecting farm in Tver Oblast 4.5
Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Konakovo District of the Tver Oblast on Thursday to observe the work of the 'Dimitrova Gora' agro-industrial complex.

After inspecting the fields where forage for cows was being harvested, as well as the Dmitrogorsky Meat Processing Plant, the Russian leader took time out for lunch. Among the local produce served to the president were cakes, raspberry jam, boiled eggs, juice and three kinds of special yogurt.

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It's 3am and i'm watching Vladimir Putin eat a yogurt

Author — The Groundhopper


Yogurt quality before Putin inspection : 100%
Yogurt quality after Puting inspection: >9000%
meeting ajourned.. good work gentlemen

Author — Zaki


Putin. The Man Of Simplicity. Love Russia From India

Author — Deepak Rajan


This man has my respect a real true leader, greetings from Mexico ✌️

Author — The Youngster


CNN: Putin and his thugs steal food from poor russian farmer after hacking his fridge.

Author — ThumbsHunter


I'm from Morocco 🇲🇦 in North West Africa. And I love Russia 🇷🇺 and I have a massive respect to putin his a great leader.

Author — Jamal Ait Lahoussaine


But do they use German and American agricultural machinery in Russia? John Deere is from Illinois and Claas is from near Bielefeld!

Author — 4622201


интересно, Путин лизнул бумажку из под йогурта?)))

Author — Marat Ohanyan


my wife is Russian, and we eat fresh produce all the time, and she takes time to cook proper meals, no rubbish for her, she eats what she was brought up with and it's all very healthy, i think I am very lucky to have a woman like this.

Author — james dallas-middleton


Mr Putin I love you sooo much bless Russia and President Putin

Author — Jokoko Lopopo


President cool thr best presidentbin the world god bless mother russian and putin lotsss of love from india❤❤❤❤

Author — loco mucho


Love to all the russian people from india.❤❤

Author — Priya Prajapati


President Of The Russian Federation "Sir Vladimir Putin" My Favorite A Fearless Leader With Soft Feelings 🌷🙏🌷

Author — Kuljeet Singh


On CNN: "Putin's regime forces local farmers to produce goods because of the shortage of food in Russia. Putin eats all the food by himself while his people starve to death"

"In the other news, Oregon police officer shot unarmed 11 years old school girl over concern of his own safety".

Author — Слава Перун


I like president Putin humbleness like from Kenya

Author — DJ ATM


I am a simple man

I see Putin, I press like

Author — Louis chiraq


Putin eating Yoghurt... o_O

And I always thought he only eats bullet shells..

Author — Hans Zimmro


Look at that evil guy he is killing fruits and is threatening the global security, BBC.

Author — Hanain Rehman


The best president in world Great putin i love russia from

Author — Mohamed Cheradi


Wow, look at Putin! The Great Eternal Leader is eating food just like rest of us! Amazing.

Author — The Rt Hon. Dr. Janos