💀🔥 Rakdos Vampire Aggro | Innistrad Crimson Vow Standard [MTG Arena]

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

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Saving the Predator from the Magma Opus was a thing of beauty!

Author — WilliamKohler


Keeping the streak alive even through the disaster of a launch, keep up the good work CGB!

Author — Kailob Moore


Izzet starter pack: 1) Fadin hope 2) Alrunds 3) unresolved childhood issues

Author — Ryan


"I just make up my stats" - cgb has officially attained politician status

Author — Barney


The stream was super cool to watch its like a mega long version of your videos, so much fun ! thanks a lot!

Author — RenanTheBoss


Bloodtoken sound fun but...
I can't believe Wizard dont put Madness mechanic in this set!

Author — 28 Love


I’d love to see a modified version of the vampire burn deck from last standard using these cards. I can’t imagine many changes, but i’m sure you could make it work!

Author — ExtremeHaunterGaming


"The card is a 2/1 flyer for 2 that poops blood when things die" - thanks for this chief

Author — Sean C


Thank you for trying at 1am and keeping up the streak. My thought is maybe a pithing needle or two on the planeswalkers, but Alrund’s is still the tough nut to crack.

Author — Matt Corrales


39:42 "We need to use it to find cards that don't suck."
I see what you did there.

Author — Sir Hamalot


I've found that 1 dollhouse in most creature decks has been pretty awesome. Vamps, monogreen, gruul wolfs, monowhite etc. Not sure if it'll be a meta card but I'm not letting it go lol.

Author — Tony Kowalski


Thank you CGB!
Amazing to give us a video after streaming for 11 hours. What a legend! You are cool!

Author — Francois Grobler


Given how rare it is to flip Bloodcaster, I'm playing around with replacing some with Nullpriest of Oblivion. Could help bring back Bloodtithe later in game

Author — Champ-Dog Gaming


Thanks for the content at the end of a long day. Loved the vampire run.

Author — bear_6875


Just love your "even money dance". Just great content CGB, as always. Would be great to see the burn version upgraded.

Author — Francis Stranieri


U rock cgb, thanks for cranking out a vamp deck on day 1. Was hoping someone would have a build to try out.

Author — Mike Stedham


at 32:30. Remember to deal damage with vampire socialite before playing your vampires :P

Author — Swiss Sneeze


That play in the beginning was top notch! Saving immursturm predator like that was legit.

Author — MrFarche


I love creating blood tokens and saccing them to creatures, gaining life, bringing creatures back from the graveyard, draining the opponents life, etc... But, it's just not competitive, which makes me sad because Anje is bae. 😍

Author — I Am Cyndelaq


Voldaren Epicure is a wonderful one drop for burn decks.

Too bad burn spells are still a few cards short of consistently playable.

Author — cpandolfo2128