Unbelievable Sports Moments - Knockouts, Comebacks, & Farewells

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Unbelievable Sports Moments - Knockouts, Comebacks, & Farewells 5

This video focuses on some unbelievable moments from the sports world. Crazy comebacks, wins, knockouts, and farewells. Relive the moments that make you love sports in this original video from Joseph Vincent. Each clip featured is from a longer documentary I've done, available on this channel. So if you like a section, check out the long form documentary of that athlete on this channel.

0:00 - Oscar De La hoya
3:00 - The Klaw
4:28 - Brady ring 4
6:24 - Foreman v Lyle
8:53 - Vince Carter
11:54 - Mahomes
16:07 - Manny v Thurman
21:15 - MJ
23:58 - Lamar Jackson
25:28 - Brady ring 5
27:24 - Conor McGregor
30:39 - Fury v Wilder 2
36:56 - KOBE

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Nobody does it like joseph vincent. Nobody.

Автор — Jake


Oh man the De la Hoya fight was one of the most satisfying moments ever, you could feel the anger and determination to destroy

Автор — Hassan Elmahdey


I had tears in my eye when Kobe dropped 60

Автор — Ben Akinde


"Is Patrick Mahomes the best QB in the league"
Max kellerman: yes
"Is Lamar Jackson the best QB in the league"
Also max kellerman: yes

Автор — Brian Maduku


Should've had D Rose dropping 50 in here. A comeback 7 years in the making.

Автор — Chocolate Milk


the Halo music when Kansas CIty get the comeback chillssss

Автор — Giland Sebastian


When Manny was in his prime he was beating legends.
Now he is a legend and is beating prime.

Автор — Abraham Esteva


Did i just watch a 45 minute video of sports and enjoy it?

I think i did.

Автор — caeleb Reynolds


That Foreman vs Lyle looks like it was a war

Автор — Stepkov K


Kawhi's laugh in the background while Embiid walks out of the arena crying is gold.

Автор — Blake Salisbury


Jimmy Butler looks more like Michael Jordan's kid than Michael Jordan's kids.

Автор — David Brown


Why is not Netflix paying this man to do some sports documentaries???U awesome!Kobe part hits a hard I’m still not over it like I though I was

Автор — gmkill00


“I can’t imagine the NBA without Kobe Bryant” now we have to live life without Kobe Bryant. RIP MAMBA 🙏🏻

Автор — Reid Roberts


Who else thinks he deserve more subscribers

Автор — k js


Damn.. i miss you kobe bryant gone to soon 😭😭

Автор — Bavvarois Joestar


Where's the Giants vs the Patriots 2007. one of the greatest comeback's of all time?
Rip Kobe

Автор — Danny G


Kawhi 3-pointer was something that came straight of a movie. The bounce at the end the game winner the buzzer already him looking at the ball go in from the flooor

Автор — Scarr Odyssey


I remember watching Kobe’s last game in my living room going absolutely nuts when he hit the 3 and his last 2 point jumper to think he is gone is just saddening. R.I.P. Kobe we will forever miss you. Legends Never Die 🏀

Автор — Dominic Wilmes


The Kobe tribute at the end had me deep in my feels :(

Автор — Michal Sowinski


Therman: I’m gonna crucify him.
This is what happens when you challenge a man of faith

Автор — Caleb Pendleton