Our Mathematical Universe with Max Tegmark

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Our Mathematical Universe with Max Tegmark 4.5
Our universe isn't just described by mathematics, but it is mathematics. Specifically, it's a mathematical structure.
Our world doesn't just have some mathematical properties: it fundamentally has only mathematical properties.

Why is mathematics so spectacularly successful at describing the cosmos? In this Ri talk, MIT physics professor Max Tegmark proposes a radical idea: that our physical world is not only described by mathematics, but that it is mathematics. He shows how this theory may provide answers to the nature of reality itself.

This event was filmed at the Royal Institution on January 30 2014.

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Great teacher.  Wonderful analogies, colloquial expression, enthusiasm, he's enjoying teaching.

Author — Erick Wilberding


I'm nearly done with his book of the same title and it is totally mind blowing.

Author — dk6024


35:20 "accidental" nuclear war...

Author — Mary Jane


Love you Max, you're a real treasure to humanity.

Author — Ted L


14.:23 Nice racks. It's great to see you using off the shelf SKB cases that you can get from a music equipment provider.

Author — bouldersoundguy


PERFECT! (A+)^55 wow. I was an young engineer thinking universe really is math not the other way around!

Author — Richard Östberg


Great lesson, even if it's 4 yrs old !!

Author — giuseppe3010


"Our universe isn't just described by mathematics, but it is mathematics."
What do you mean by "is", in "it is mathematics"?

Author — Patraka Lawang


Max is so great when we talk about communicating science to public.

Author — Josip Cmrečnjak


When was young in science class I had a joke. I would put my safety glasses upside-down and lopsided and said "Cwimwate chwange iswint weal" in a 4-year-old voice.

Author — FreeT1me


Joe Pesci and Rob Lowe had a baby and it was molested by Stanley Kubrick.

Author — th3giv3r


hmmm....very interesting. I am just wondering can mathematics explain why/how the constants of the universe have the particular values they have. Also, can mathematics explain the observer effect in double slit experiment and how to explain the quantum entanglement with mathematics ....hmmm...just wondering....may be one day.

Author — Abhi


PS: 40, 000km is the circumference, not the diameter

Author — Daniel Karbach


Tegmark! You propose 2 possibilities, that maths n physics may reach a "dead end" or that the road could go on n on! But the dead end itself is possibly leading us on n on, isn't it! 😁. Like the dead end of Aether the pre 1905 required, man has had dead right from the Earth Flat days right up to dark matter / energy now, or Schrodinger Cat or entanglement etc all are apparent dead ends. Man surmounts all by the sheer power of maths, yes sir! Thanks.

Author — Bridventure PR


Ooh I thought this lecture would be about different kinds of math.

Author — Stalinov


See when we discover how to work and live without money & ego only for 'LOVE' there is nothing we won't be able to do. Peeps wouldn't have to be phonies anymore, they can truly live free & more importantly work free and all things would be for love, like Grandma working all night for a Great Thanksgiving day dinner. Only for love. We might have to wait until the next earth's age.

Author — science1941


pure mental power of Eratosthenes was not enough to prevent the lecturer's mistake at 1:36 in presenting his finding :)

Author — mz1rek


Is it me or does Max, at times, sound like Christopher Walken🤣

Author — asusedz


I doubt they were melancholy actually. One thing I've learned about humans is how arrogantly sure they are of themselves. Myself included.

Author — Vaul, Dog Warrior


What about the ancient civilisations mega structures, that required a great mathamatical sense.
Then there is the Axial Age of Buddha, the Partriachs, Plato, Zorasthra, Confucius, etc. So in one sense the ancient mega structures might attributed to vast macro world, and the Axial, the age of conscious. So Homo sapiens always have the minds, but clearly not the resources.

Author — James Dolan