☯ Dying my hair lime green and yellow ombre

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☯ Dying my hair lime green and yellow ombre 5

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THE FACE AT 2:08, when you're 10 mins into hair dying and chill and she gives you that look

Author — Mia Skye


Kitty love your videos i can you tell which photo editor you use, I Love as you edit your photos :) greetings from Mexico I Love Kitty (:

Author — Edith Mendiola


I love her face when she puts on the gloves

Author — Lily Roach


4:23-4:40 i'd advise you skip if ye have sensitive eyes/epilepsy.

Author — Mayah Marie


Did anyone else notice the glitch omg during the extensions

Author — shanna


I thought this was a normal hair dye tutorial then I saw the face she made putting the gloves on!!!😂😂😂😂😂💚💛

Author — Rae Star


~ MUSIC ~ (In order)

-Theme For Harold (Var.3) by Kevin Macleod
-Unwritten Return by Kevin Macleod
-Can't Control Myself ~ Nightstep

I hope this helped someone. (:

Author — Allyson Beck


2:02 - 2:08 Hands down my favorite part. 😂

Author — Erika Gutierrez


did everyones phone do the glitchy green thing at like 4:30

Author — Samantha Moonier


Babe I see them scars, now I'm not going to tell you to stop as I know how hard it is as I am a self Harmer and am in recovery. But you are gorgeous just the way you are and don't need to do that you are beautiful and don't let anyone else tell you different❤️

Author — Just Witchy Things


This video might need an epilepsy warning when she was dying the extensions?

Author — Memorabilia


1:27 omg thats creepy (the box moves by itself)

Author — Emily Tennis


what was 4:23 ? I thought my screen broke I was scared for my life

Author — tired ;


did anyone else have the things glitch out and stuff while she was dying her extensions green?

Author — wide black boy


Omfg I wanted to do this to my hair also thanks hanna!! I will do this too!!

Author — A B


The conditioner you used, is it Danish? It says 'For alle hårtyper', which means 'For all hairtypes' - on it. And it's 'Balsam', which means 'Conditioner'. 🙈

Author — Emaroon x


I pull the same face everytime I put on gloves my god 😂😂😂

Author — Electrix.Wizard


hello kitti i'm from brazil and I love you :) <3

Author — Luana Souto


i want to dye my hair cool colors like this but my skin is tan, i think only red would go well :(. other colors might look weird. the struggle is real ;-; but you're hair goals omg

Author — NAVIYA


They look AMAZING! And that make up at the end is awesome :3 Do you think you could make a video on it? ^^ pleeease

Author — Kittara Katara