Italian Music - Background Chill Out

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Italian Music - Background Chill Out 5

Relaxing Italian Instrumental Music

Meditative Flute Music ~ Mysterious Night

Namaste Music: Flute Meditation

Journey to Shangri La ~ Shastro

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Author — Buddha's Lounge


Ciao from Italy! If you're reading this, I wish you a good day!

Author — Giulia


I just ate a microwave pizza to this and I felt like I was in Naples.

Author — Jon M


Italy, get well soon. Lots of love, from 🇮🇳

Author — Debolina CB


My daughter sent me this to listen to. She said her and her teen son were making homemade pizza and started dancing around the kitchen putting everyone in a jovial mood. 🧑‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳🍕

Author — Deanna Clayton


Ciao from Miami, questa è la musica piu bella del monto... io non sono italiano ma sempre ho desiderato imparare questa bella lingua... adesso, grazzie a Duolinguo, sto faccendo il mio sogno...forza! Italia

Author — Rolando Perez


For all Italian : Andrà tutto bene!! And if you’re not Italian: everything’s gonna be alright ❤️🇮🇹 forza Italia forza tenete duro ❤️✨
da Ravenna con amore

Author — aurora lewis


Ciao from Ä°stanbul .
We should enjoy life like Italians for a peaciful life . Ä°'m always smiling when i hear something about italian anything . :)))

Author — Sabit Burak CEBECİ


I want to go to ITALY One day alone..walk those streets sit in a cheap cafe have a cup of coffee while these plays...or better if its live..pray for me ya'll

Author — Taposi Mredu


Italy🇮🇹, the most beautiful country with long history, splendid art and brilliant culture in the world👍😍😘👏!

Author — 梅雨潭


When I went on a tour across Italy I was at first disappointed that I heard no music, none at all. The movies make it seem like there’s always someone out playing. But it was quiet, so quiet, even in the main cities. But as I walked around I realized I didn’t mind at all. The music was in the natives speaking, the art and graffiti that graced the walls, my footsteps on the stone streets, how the many buildings had been around for centuries. I could feel the soul of the city in the silence. And I can’t wait to go back.

Author — Vanna Del Rey


I'm Italian, I was listening to this music to relax while studying and then I found the comments...those feelings :(

Author — euridices


I lived 5 years in napoli it was the best years of my life I wish to return again 😭 Il mio grande amore per l'Italia❤️

Author — Rauf Salah


I can't help but cry for the Italian people stay strong we'll get through this 😢😪

Author — Scott Wilson


I love this music. I’m Italian from Quebec. Italians from Italy are in quarantine and yet they still find a way to enjoy life with music and a good cup of espresso. God bless you all!

Author — Philomena Cesta


I swear I was Italian in a past life because as soon as I started this video I started smiling

Author — V.V


Having a date with myself during this quarantine and using this music as a background! it's just perfect!!! <3

Author — Denise Mendoza


Listen up italians you got this . italy shall not fall kill this coronavirus with your kindness ... soon this pandemic will come to end and we'll have a big and loud italian party together 👌 you're the country that gave us pizza and fine wine this is nothing you can't handle much love 🤝

Author — firstname lastnamè


My great grandfather, Tom Floeno, was from Italy. Once he was 18, he stowed away on a ship and sailed to America. I’ve never met the man, but I really wish I had. My grandmother always said he was a good, honest man. Like some of you have said, I feel connected to this music.

Author — Austin Keen


Italia bistrattata, tradita, umiliata... Ma sempre bella come il Sole!!!
Evviva il nostro Bel Paese!!!
Un abbraccio a tutti 💓💓💓

Author — Sunn Sunn