Italian Music - Background Chill Out

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Italian Music - Background Chill Out 5
Relaxing Italian Instrumental Music

Meditative Flute Music ~ Mysterious Night

Namaste Music: Flute Meditation

Journey to Shangri La ~ Shastro

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Ciao from Italy! If you're reading this, I wish you a good day!

Автор — Giulia


I swear I was Italian in a past life because as soon as I started this video I started smiling

Автор — V.V


From now on, every time I cook I will be playing this in the background.

Автор — Daniel Rafuls


My wife and i are from Brasil and we live in Austria.
Every time she cooks something Italian I put this background music and we eat like bosses! haha.

So nice...

Автор — Eduardo Salvato


In the balcony, my flowers front of me, reading a book with turkish coffee, listening to this.. everything seems so peaceful😌✨thanks!

Автор — LittleMissPooki


When I went on a tour across Italy I was at first disappointed that I heard no music, none at all. The movies make it seem like there’s always someone out playing. But it was quiet, so quiet, even in the main cities. But as I walked around I realized I didn’t mind at all. The music was in the natives speaking, the art and graffiti that graced the walls, my footsteps on the stone streets, how the many buildings had been around for centuries. I could feel the soul of the city in the silence. And I can’t wait to go back.

Автор — Vanna Del Rey


Italian music can make someone fall in love even if he or she doesn't want to.
Love from India

Автор — G 2


Italia bistrattata, tradita, umiliata... Ma sempre bella come il Sole!!!
Evviva il nostro Bel Paese!!!
Un abbraccio a tutti 💓💓💓

Автор — Sunn Sunn


I am from South Africa. I went on a European tour in 2004. I loved Italy, the people, the food the music. I prefer to listen to classical music while painting. Dean Martin stole my heart with his music, the Three Tenors. Andrea Bocelli and others' music and songs speaks to my soul....

Автор — Elizabeth van Zyl


I’m not biased, but italy is the best country

Автор — gannonball 69


I love playing Italian music while cooking in the kitchen. Even some of the oldies like Dean Martin, Sinatra and other musicians from 1950's - 1960's.

Автор — Susan T


Legend says that if you play this while cooking some’ll end up with pizza

Автор — MasanLeba


Non esiste nord o sud, esiste solo ITALIA !!

Автор — Benny Capoluongo


On my own with a glass of red wine and this fantastic Italian music. I feel like a king. 😚

Автор — Yousef Ismail


Ho appena iniziato a studiare italiano, saluti a tutti e benedizioni in tutte le nostre vite. 🇮🇹 💚❤️

Автор — Infinite E


Imagine this..while riding with your vespa touring around Italian village ...the smell, the sound, the view... the food pasta ..the wine..the beach...and kissing you from behind hugging your waist so thight 😚😚❤❤ bellissimo Italiano

Автор — endang bernaningsih


I don't know how but whenever I listen to these songs, it reminds me of somewhere I've never been to and a time that I've never seen and it makes me miss these place and time love from Turkey to Italy as an Italian learner🇹🇷🇮🇹💚

Автор — Ece Kaya


I don't know about you, but for me, It warms my heart and soul.

Автор — Paméla Boutet


I listened this song with my speaker in Parang Tritis Beach (Indonesia). So beautifull song ever i hear

Автор — Adam Bagus Saputra


Love Italy Love Italian people Love Italian Food and Italian Music. Thanks to share this with us. Greetings from Belgium

Автор — e ce