Anderson Cooper: The world changed today for Trump

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Anderson Cooper: The world changed today for Trump 4
CNN's Anderson Cooper explores the future for President Donald Trump and his administration now that his opposition has grown stronger in Congress.

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Someone needs to make a "Meuller is Coming" poster.

Author — That Tommy West


Blah blah blah...same “news” they’ve been regurgitating since he got elected.

Author — Peter Zhamkochyan


No, YOU are trying to smear every single thing he does!!!

Author — Katherine


When will CNN disappear??? Please god shutdown CNN and kick all democrats out of office 🙏💯

Author — Daddy J


10:38 wow really? Was Clinton indicted?

Author — mrbrainchild76


Don’t know how I ended up on CNN.🙄 A dog sniffing another dogs ass gets more true information that a person gets from CNN.

Author — Tina Howard


It's gonna be a great day when cnn shuts it's doors

Author — Tim Moynahan


I've never voted my whole life because I was a felon. but just got my rights back to vote if I do vote it will for sure not be Democrat

Author — Jason H


Just watched the lies again from all the Swamp Creatures on all sides! Bread and Circus!

Author — J B


Nancy is a crazy person and I love where she's at🤣

Anyone thinking of impeachment is a complete moron.

Author — Jus Tin


All I can say is hahahaha hahahaha 😂🤣😂🤣

Author — Travis Worthington


Thank you, 😊We hope for the good days coming, especially for economics tension and equality with harmony for the people.

Author — Wainda Youngthain


Nunes should be investigated for trying to obstruct the House investigation into Trump and Russia.

Author — tonykeo83


This CNN boy loves to nibble on hard 🥕 CARROT

Author — Gabriel Ruvalcaba


More like "Impeachment Is Coming"

Author — Zunilda Elsner


I don’t believe anything that comes from a global elite azz hole who who’s mother is a Global Elite Vanderbilt and who is a member of the red shoe club. Your an evil man.

Author — Melissa Diotte


So this whole time I thought lying under oath was perjury and perjury a crime. Now it’s just “creating smoke”???

Author — Dj Akademiks Momma


*eating snacks, listening to the video, reading the comments.*
*( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
kek indeed

Author — Noises


Finally this fat con will be investigated! Loving it!!!!

Author — pablo areas


Whoever's reading this I hope you have a great day and achieve your goals 💯 😂

Author — XSAZEXX