HANDS-ON: NEW Lee Pro-4000 Press Kit

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his year LEE introduced a new comprehensive press kit building on the LEE Auto Breech Lock Pro press: It's called the LEE Pro 4000, and it includes much of what you'll need to load ammunition. Oh, and it's budget conscious too! In this video we'll get the press out of the box, set it up, and load some 9mm ammunition. In the next story, we'll do a caliber changeover, setup the included Safety Prime, and load some rifle ammunition.

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I love mine... For a first time reloader I feel its a great starter kit for the beginner. The only thing I do different is I hand prime my brass before I put my brass in the tubes. I feel that it is one less step I have to do while keeping a eye on the powder charge and seating a projectile. Thanks for the video

Author — Troy Decker


Lee make brilliant tools for loading, I use many of their dies and am very happy with them. their single stage presses are also nice, like the 50 BMG classic cast. but when it comes to progressive presses I think you would be better served with a Dillon machine. even a couple of single stages or turret press would a better option than the Lee progressive offerings, I mean the pro 1000 uses bath plug chain to operate, and the 4000 has way too much plastic and less than ideal priming system

Author — Potgieter huis


Idk, I love my loadmaster and pro1000. I do get an occasional flipped primer, 1 out of 2000 or so I would guess but you can feel it immediately imo. A slight modification to auto disk and good powder gives me drops very consistent. I ran 100 throws and 2 out of 100 were .1 over using titegroup.

Author — Desert Farmer


Absolute best quality reloading vids on YT. Great, thorough info, clearly, and succinctly presented. Always learn something new from you. Thanks for all your effort. Sub'd a while ago.

Author — Scott McIntyre


Perfect press for making PLINKING ammo. I have the same one. It's not a Dillon, but if you on a budget and are ok just making plinking ammo this is hard to beat! I use the priming system with no problems at all. I've found I get better results using the factory crimp die on my cast bullets.

Author — jawsmod


I have an older Lee turret press with 3 stations. It's a bit slower, but then, I enjoy the time spent at the bench.

Author — Lee Leland


Interesting video. I’m struggling with decisions about my first press and more importantly my Perfect Bench. My friends are Dillon fans. I’m leaning towards going with a progressive Dillon press. As far as the G21 service weapon I carried one on duty for many years. Fine weapon but the gem 1 grip was a bit large and less than ideally ergonomic. Plenty you can do with a match barrel, optimized trigger drop in, and after market recoil spring. Have fun.

Author — Gscop1


I've had several Lee presses over the years. I started reloading with a Lee Pro 1000 for pistol and a Lee Classic Cast Iron single stage press for rifle. The main attraction to the Lee presses was their very low price, and reviews that told me that Lee equipment was built plenty good enough to meet the needs of an average reloader. To this day, I still own and use the single stage press. It is an outstanding, well-built and simple press.
I had a number of frustrations with the Pro 1000, but as long as I was willing to fiddle with the press before each loading session and at least twice during a loading session, I could sometimes knock out 2 or 3 hundred rounds over the course of a couple-three hours. After a couple years, I thought that maybe I just had a bum sample, so I bought another one. It developed the very same need for regular fiddling, especially in the area of primer feeding.
In a fit of frustration while fiddling with the Pro 1000, I threw up my hands and decided to buy a higher end press. I wanted to go with a Dillon, but couldn't justify spending the money. After all, I was seeing reviews of the Hornady Lock-and-Load progressive press that said it worked as well as Dillon for a lot less money. I went with a Hornady L-n-L AP Ammo Plant and figured that my days of frustration were over. Boy, was I wrong. The press was miles better than the Lee progressive press, but I still had issues, primarily in the bullet drop and case feed mechanisms. Before I could even use the press, I had to spend hours with fine files and stones cleaning up the shoddy machining of surfaces that needed to slide against one another to make the press operate smoothly. This was maddening, as I had paid WAY more money for this press than I had on all of my Lee presses combined and expected to not need to do this degree of fiddling around. Eventually, I encountered timing issues and had to fiddle with that as well.
I finally got fed up with the Hornady press, so I did what I should have done in the first place and dropped the money on a Dillon XL750. It has been a vast improvement over the Hornady press.
I had relegated the Pro 1000 presses to decapping of brass in preparation for wet tumbling. In pretty short order, they became so troublesome that I decided I needed a new cheap progressive press for decapping brass. About that time, Lee introduced the Breach Lock Pro, and again I was suckered in by the siren's song of a cheap progressive press and bought one. Long story short, it is also a piece of junk. Decapping brass with it is better than using the Pro 1000 press for this duty, but it is far from reliable and frequently locks up, requiring disassembly to clear jammed up spent primers under the shell plate, or to adjust the indexing which for no understandable reason will simply lock up. Ah, the joys of cheap plastic gears...
I am done with Lee progressive presses. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them. They promise the world and deliver primarily frustration and heartache.

Author — TheFarmer


Hey Gavin. Thanks for finally reviewing the Lee Pro 4000. This press is kind of cross between the Pro 1000 and the turret. If I were to choose a budget progressive press this press would not be my first choice. I own 2 Lee Pro 1000 presses. The problem with Lee Progressive has always been its weak priming system. The Pro 4000 is not an improvement at all. Most shooters I know uses the Lee Pro 1000. Its clearly not the best out there but it get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. It clearly too has a weak priming system but still better than the Pro 4000. Some Pro1000 users prefer to hand prime their cases and some users are comfortable with using the press as intended. I use a separate 3 hole turret to de-prime, resize and prime all my cases. Once all my cases are primed I use another 3 hole turret that hold my flare die & powder measure, bullet seat & crimp die and factory crimp die (if its needed). This for me is the most efficient way to load on the Lee Pro 1000.

Author — Mohammed Yusuf Salie


Love my Lee Loadmaster, Classic Cast, APP, powder measures, die sets etc etc, and f for the price they, produce accurate concentric ammunition! Now if Lee would just charge a little bit more and throw a bit more development, it would be even better yet, as in, some of the tools have to go through a "wear-in" process, before they become silky smooth (Loadmaster, APP press + accessories).

Author — Jason Potter


Funny how when Gavin gets ANYTHING, he never has to return it or modify it in any way! Must be nice to get equipment that works as advertised especially from Lee!!!

Author — Mathew Quigley


The 4000 looks cool. Seems a bit limited though. Glad I got a Loadmaster. Not sure of the price diff but the 4000 don’t look very upgradable. On my LLM I have the upgraded bullet feed with the four tube setup. Works great for knocking out big batches of pistol ammo for range day.

Author — Jeffrey Goldstein


Been waiting for this, you set a high standard for professional reviews.

It's real unfortunate to see the manual primer designed on this one.

Interested to hear your perspective on Lee's Bullet Feeder with any of Lee's progressive presses (and how to get it to work, hopefully most of the time). Also a video on clamber changeover for this model.

Author — karleism


Gavin: My question: Which of these topics should I as a person new to reloading consider the most critical and influential to obtain optimum accuracy: 1). Powder type/and grains of charge 2). bullet seating depth/jump 3). case neck tension ? If I had to guess, I would say powder type and amount of charge.... but what do I know?! Thank you so much, Gavin!

Author — TheOutlawJoseyWales


It is worth mentioning that the 4th station allows the use of a either a powder check die, a Lee factory crimp die, or separate dies for seating and crimping.

Author — David S


Brand new to reloading. Doing research before buying. Looked like I was going for Lee Classic Turret Kit then saw your review of the Lee Pro4000Kit for 223/5.56 ammo. Looks like this kit includes everything to get started other than brass, bullet, powder, and primer.

Author — Art Knauf


I still have my pro1000 from an eternity ago, gave me a host of issues including a blown up pistol once. Honestly their single stage are decent, but for progressives I strongly suggest going safe with Dillon.

Author — Mario Rossi


Thank you so much. I’ve learned so much from you. I can’t WAIT for you to pick the best one that came out this year. I’m looking forward to buy one.

Author — Sang Phan


I added this press to my collection and I must say I’m not quite happy with it. I realized after about 250 blackout rounds that the powder drop linkage had slow been slipping. Eventually I noticed the powder drum not rotating enough to even drop any powder. I had to measure each previously loaded round to determine how many did not receive powder. Something you really need to pay attention too!

Author — Richard Measels


I really didn't like the priming system on the loadmaster but stuck with it for years. Can't wait for my pro 4k to arrive!

Author — XvBigByrdvX