RETIN-A FOR ACNE|Dr Dray Vlogmas Day 21

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I just want to thank you for acknowledging that acne is a disease. You have no idea how many dermatologists I have been to that have no sympathy or understanding. I have been pushed out the door so many times with a prescription for Accutane with little to no care about the root cause for my acne. I've been on 3 rounds of Accutane with no lasting results which has made me rethink the root cause is hormonal. I just started Spironolactone and a Tretinion gel which I'm hoping will help. I can't thank you enough. Your videos have educated me and given me the confidence to advocate for myself while dealing with careless doctors. Hearing you acknowledge that acne is a disease just made me tear up because I've never seen this kind of empathy from a dermatologist before. Thank you Dr. Dray!

Author — Leshem Rae


This channel continues to excel! From vegan recipes to retin-a facts, your content is compelling, informative, and amusing!

Author — Decomposingfigure


I am in need of ideas of when, in a skincare routine, to use my Benzamycin gel. I am 65 and have been using Benzamycin and Retin A very successfully for acne for 20 years. Any deviation and I break out.. but I am adding anti-aging serums etc and want to know in what order to use my products. Thank you!!

Author — Dawn Beattie


Thank you so much for addressing self esteem and depression and stresssing taking it seriously. I used retina micro as a teenager and I had amazing skin, since acne was controlled. When I went to college I stopped using it as I was away from home. My skin was terrible. I was convinced that it was my terrible eating and it spiraled self esteem as well as disrupted my eating behaviors since I became obsessed with diet. After many years I went on accutane and thought my acne would “cured, ” but I still get acne still. After many years of thinking there is no hope, I’m going back to the dermatologist, but much more informed. I’m so so thankful to you for bringing me to this breakthrough. I realize now that my late adolescence could have been different if I would have kept going to the dermatologist instead of trying to fix it myself.

Author — Ruby


I really appreciate your compassion and caring for your patients who experience acne, and your understanding of the importance of treating it as a disease, and not simply a cosmetic issue. I had serious acne as a young person, and am so grateful to hear you speak to the potential emotional and social consequences of the breakouts and scarring. I have listened to many of your videos, but this message showed me you are not only knowledgeable and willing to present factual information, but a truly empathic person. I wish someone had spoken this to me years ago. Thank you.

Author — Linda Hansen


Thank you so much for this video, extremely helpful as a woman of color as I just started my Retin-A micro journey after developing a reaction to Adapalene. Also the end of the video and how my benzoyl peroxide wash interacted with Retin-A and I had to switch quick

Author — Fransini A.


Some years ago one of the world's most famous plastic surgeons told me about two sisters about 35 who came to see him. He said they had the most beautiful skin he he had ever seen so he asked them about it. They said that as teenagers they both had bad cases of acne. So their doctor put them on Retin-A and they had stayed on it.

Author — Roy Chefets


Dr Dray-thanks again so much. I wish my derm had suggested this years ago--I've had bad brown spots on my face for years. I'm 72 & hope it helps clear these in time.

Author — Julie Mann


Oh if only I could have had access to your informative advice for the last 25 years!!!! Keep sharing your expertise with us Doc. Happy Holidays to you and your family xx

Author — Karen1Nicola


Well that explains a lot. I was wondering why I was having such a sudden outbreak of hormonal acne when I am on Differin. My dermatologist went on leave and in her place was a young resident who very condescending told me that "you women are imagining things. There is no such thing as increased acne during your periods". After I picked my jaw from the floor, I told him I have been a woman for 50 years and I can safely tell him my imagination is not that powerful. The nurse almost choked trying to disguise her laughter. Seriously, I was missing you right badly at that ill fated appointment. Sigh. Merry Xmas to you and your mum!

Author — Cassie Nix


It is a service that you are doing. Love you, Dr Dray. You are inimitable and peerless! ❤️

Author — Alisha Chhabra


Merry Christmas! I've actually stopped going to my Dermatologist thanks to you! I now go every 10 months since my common questions get answered by you!

Author — Claire Kennedy


I am so interested in everything You say it is like my brain is like a sponge, and soaks up every word that is being said. I can not tell you how much you have taught me words are not even enough to tell you and I will always be greatful Thank You

Author — Jackie Marsh


Thank you for this video! The dermatologist I saw prescribed this and didn’t tell me anything about it, she was in such a rush that I felt like I couldn’t ask anything, again thank you!

Author — Nicole P


Awesome info!! Thanks Dr. Dray you are so informative and explain using Retin A in such a clear and precise manner totally love your channel.

Author — Mary Sanchez


Hi, love your informative videos! I was wondering, how do you feel about Retin-A micro (retinoid) ? It's suposedly to be more time-relased and gentler, because of its micro-sponge technology., but is it still just as effective as the other retinoids? Thanks in advance.

Author — zephyr7


Thank you for disseminating this pertinent info and changing people's lives in doing so. I wish you and your family a very Merry X-Mas. May all your dreams come true, you are such a generous person. xxoxo

Author — Elly Z


My doctor prescribed me a 0.1% tret directly and I have never used tret before. I will probably use half a pea size of the tret with half pea size moisturizer on top of my already moisturized face. I will use it once a week for the first 4 weeks.

Author — Mishal Khan


My board-certified derm did not stress let alone mention the importance of using sunscreen while treating the skin with retinoids. I’m a “darker skin type.” Perhaps that’s why. Assumptions, assumptions about my assumptions about sunscreen on dark skin? Fortunately, I had read enough to know it’s critical to apply sunscreen, especially while treating the skin with tretinoin but I’m displeased that she never advised such. When I see her again I’m going to ask some questions.

Your thoughts about the finding that “dark Black skin” (dark is subjective) has a natural SPF 13?

Ever considered doing a video on skincare myths?

Author — lifeestrange


Thank you for the bit about acne being a medical condition and it does effect social interactions for me. I have cleared my acne with Veltin! I wish I could come to your dermatologist practice, but I live in Dallas.

Author — Haley Pilcher