HIGHLY Hilarious Comedians on Getting Busted

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HIGHLY Hilarious Comedians on Getting Busted 5
It's April 20 so we thought we'd take a look at THE most hilarious stoner comedians tell stories on how they got on the wrong side of the law when they got busted. This video is for entertainment purposes; research and abide by your country and/or state legislation before you partake in activities that might contravene the law.

Highly Hilarious Stoner Comedians on How They Got Busted:

Dave Chapelle:
In 2015 Dave Chapelle was viciously heckled and booed after giving an incoherent and lackluster performance in Detroit. In one of his highly successful 2017 Netflix specials, he blamed the episode on the potent weed he had smoked with rappers before the show.

Tommy Chong:
In 2003, Tommy Chong was sentenced to 9 months in prison for selling drug paraphernalia. His bunkmate was Jordan 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Belfort. Chong adviced him to write the memoir which inspired the Oscar-nominated movie.

Louis CK:
Apparently Louis CK is not at his best when he’s high. He admittedly smoked so much when he wrote the draft of Season 5 of Louie that when he came out of his stoned haze and discovered the piles 'gibberish' he had written, he scrapped it all and started over.


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I got so high once that I paid for my food at the drive thru, then drove home without my food and sat in my driveway looking for at least 5 minutes trying to remember if I had eaten it or not

Author — Petey Poodles


I got so high with my friends, and we went to the movies and I left after the previews bc I thought i had seen like 5 movies in a row.

Author — Eli Booth


I can relate so much to Louis CK, If I get too high I forget how to function normally. I over think stuff and try to act normal. But we all know once you get to that point there’s no way to “act” normal. At that point you’re just surviving

Author — GingerIsland


Louis absolutely nailed that. I smoked like a chimney when I was younger, then stopped for 15 years and then tried it again one night. I ended up on Saturn.

Author — Ash Chaya


U ever get so high u beg God "plz if u get me thru this I promise, I swear to u I promise to never smoke again"... 3hrs later u lighting up again😂

Author — Stunna Gold Knakis


I stopped at an intersection once and after a while I remember thinking "man this light is taking forever" ... and a few minutes later still no green light. I had parked at a blinking red light for probably 7-8 minutes waiting for it to turn green.

(I got home safe.)

(* I may have been on acid at the time.)

Author — Jay Crew


I relate to Louis so much when being stoned.

Author — JMac92430


One time me and my buddies went to a movie and were not in good shape, and I swear I stood at the urinal for a solid 30 minutes because I didn't know if i was done pissing.

Author — KingUnity


Can I have my portion to smoke by my self... Later.

Author — Trav J


This video was even funnier

...on weed.

Author — PhatGirlLuva68-ThelastOG


I think daves buddy chip might be in the mafia.

Author — Sammy River


When I was about 16 two friends and I got way too high and decided to go to the movies. We went to the ticket counter and we all just burst out into laughter when we tried to tell the lady which movie we wanted tickets to. We literally could not stop laughing long enough to form a coherent sentence. We ended up panicking and just left.

Author — Humanimal


Dave does the best "stereotypical white dude" voice XD

Author — Kevin Law


I always laugh at Dave Chapelle even if i've heard the joke, he pulls his act off so perfect and very few comedians can tell a joke and act it out in such a great way. He deserves the money he's rolling in

Author — Eric


Close your butt cheeks Dave. I remember when I first moved to ATL and got stopped by the cops. I pulled down my pants and walked backwards with my hands on my head. The officer said we don't do that here sir. We just need your license and registration. He was from Detroit as well lol!!!

Author — Angel Sadott


Smoked a lot for like 2 years straight. Went on a 12 day trip and had no weed the whole time. Came back and did one bong hit and my head exploded and i was convinced people could read my mind. Ive only smoked like 3 times since.

Author — The Canucklehead


I got so stoned I drove to the supermarket walked out of the supermarket sat in the passenger seat waiting for my driver. Lol

Author — charles harmer


Yo I can relate to Louis CK about handling being high af

Author — V1IC3


Hey man, ...am I driving ok?

I think we're parked man...

Greatest movie scene EVER

Author — Steve Rivera


Dave, Davie it's the god damned cops.. (takes hit) I'm gonna ask them for directions hahah I love it!

Author — rob coffman