How to Save Money on Magic Books

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I've never before revealed what I've spent on magic books...until now. The answer will surprise you - I know it surprised me! Along the way, I'm going to share some tips on how you can save when you buy your magic books.

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One other tip. Our local library sells used books, as I’m sure some others may also. They have a “library store” with a section of hundreds of books for sale. The librarian who maintains this section of books for sale might be a great resource. Although you never know what you may find, undoubtably there might be a few treasures time to time. Also, generally these books sell for cents on the dollar. Our local library charges one dollar for hardbacks and $.50 for paperbacks.

Author — Len Hibbard


Wow! Copperfield needs to look out! You're gaining on him ;) Great episode & advice btw! Very focused tactics on going after books. As for me, I've stopped buying and are whipping myself into the work, (that everyone should do) of turning tricks out of them into miracles that will serve us well. Like you said- I'm the secret sauce and have got enough material to last a life time!

Author — George Younts


Man I'm so happy I found this guy, got the The Books of Wonder Vol. 1&2, and fell in love with reading magic. Please keep making these videos lol. I absolutely love them and you have great advice about books and what to get and the reviews I'm just so happy with your content lol.

Author — Michael Hayes


Great tips. Also great advice on a book's actual worth. I have a growing magic library (not quite like yours!), many old comic books, and some pretty rare books. I can smile all I want about the valuation of any of these collectibles but, at the end of the day, they're only *worth* what someone else is willing to *pay* . That's it. Other than that it's just a delusional fantasy.

Author — Craig De Ruisseau


You have raised a good point that I also have had to stop and think about. This hobby can be costly and the book side of things even more so than some other angles. That said, one thing I would definitely say is that I wish I had bought TWO copies of every magic book I have ever purchased, because so many of them have doubled or more in price on the second hand market. They usually have these limited print runs, sell out after a couple years, but grow in reputation in many cases once they are out of print. And some gain a real mystique around them that drives prices up astronomically. I'd estimate the cost of my library at around half of the number you gave. So I think as long as people are responsible, you can take some comfort in the idea that perhaps your collection will actually go up in value over time. I was astonished recently to see a book I bought for below $100 sell for above $500. So not saying it's an 'investment' precisely, but this is at least something we can all tell our wives after our latest shipments arrive.

Author — mike spencer


I would be afraid to add up my total, so thank you for going through that painful experience for us!

Unrelated question: do you subscribe to Genii and, if so, do you think you would ever do an episode on it (or current magic magazines in general)?

Author — Evan Bishop


I can relate to this. I was fortunate to buy magic books from a brick and mortar magic shop and attend magic auctions. I went to a magic lecture and Daryl was lecturing and I brought some books of his so he could autograph them. He asked me if I would sell them to him. I felt bad, but I said no. I got Harry Lorayne to autograph a book I bought at Tannen's. He was behind the counter demonstrating some card tricks from his book Rim Shots. I don't know what my son will do with those books when I pass away. He has no interest in magic. I told him don't give them away for free. Lol.

Author — Danny451


I actually have extra eBay accounts set up purely because you are limited to the number of saved searches you can have on each account. A great tip for eBay that has saved me a lot of money is also search for incorrect spellings (eg Darren Brown for Derren Brown) too, often these slip under all the other saved searches and can go for next to nothing as others don't know they are even on there.

Author — Mexie Mex


I love Don's Magic Books and Magic! I have been buying more and more books from him. He has a couple that I want to buy now, but I might not be able to pull it off before Christmas. You said, that we can save by buying books used, what? I have been buying a ton of new books because I don't want to pay way more on the used market after they have sold out. I don't want to pay more on the used market, which is where most books go at much higher prices.

I just bought volumes 1 and 2 of The TrapDoor direct from Steve Beam because I had Volume 3. When these sell, they are normally asking more than what Steve is selling them for new. I bought 1 and 2 for $90 apiece. They are such beautiful books. I love everything from Steve Beam. I look at the books I bought in the '90s and thought they were way overpriced that was new, but now they are bargain prices because of what they sell for today used.

I love your reviews! I never miss one. Thank you for these amazing shows each week. My advice is, don't show your wife what you spent on magic books unless she has an out-of-control hobby. LOL My wife would kill me if she knew what I have paid for my books. I just sold my baseball card collection that I had been collecting all my life to put towards more magic books. In all fairness, I have started to slow down because I have almost every top-quality book that I have ever wanted. I just don't have any ridiculously priced books that are really old. It might sound weird, but I don't collect books because I am investing, I buy them because I love them and enjoy being able to grab any book I see you talk about or others mention in lectures. I would love to have an original S. W. Erdase book, but that would just be stupid money. I recently read that the original book has more pages than the copies? I want to say the number was 89 extra pages? Maybe I will hit the lottery one day and find one at a garage sale or something. Yes, that would be like winning the lottery. Have a great Sunday!

Author — Scott Smith


Thanks for the informative video! Now I wonder how well magic books retain their value. Could help you get out of trouble with the wife…

Author — Jake Austin


Just out of curiosity what did you pay for that greater magic book that you were totaling up on the adding machine.

Author — 62terrykit62


Tallying how much I've spent on magic books 📚📓📃📒📜 strikes me as being as terrifying as bungee jumping, hand gliding, or wrestling with an alligator. 😄

Author — Ariel Frailich


Looking forward to this episode ... How I wish I you had shot this episode some 2 months ago :D

Author — Zubair M


choked on my coffee when i heard that number 🤣easily done though!

Author — Jack Bannister


Lol. At the 7:22 mark, that’s me presently 😂

Author — Vuhlter Olafsen


Holy you’ve done it over a long period and it’s your hobby and you know we only live once so if you can afford it and the wife ( or whoever)is supportive then why not ?!( I imagine your wife is going to get a heck of a Xmas present this time round !!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣).I mean as long as people aren’t bankrupting themselves, then it’s fine and I’m sure people use their common sense and use all the resources at their disposal to get a good bargain.Your channel and Donsmagicandbooks are good examples of useful resources.A brilliant presentation and hilariously funny.Very enjoyable.Thanks.

Author — Kalvin Hepple


I foresee a review on sawing a women in half! I’ll take your advice and wait to pull the trigger until the reviews come out. Thanks again!

Author — Jim Browne


Haha, your wife looks really cheesed-off.

Author — Andre Combrinck