Matt Forte goes on a ride-along with Chicago Police

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Matt Forte goes on a ride-along with Chicago Police 5
Former Bears running back Matt Forte goes on a ride-along with Commander William J. Bradley of Chicago’s 006th district in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

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Damn... we just witnessed that kid literally being trained to think cops aren’t other humans

Author — Tighty Whitey


Great video! I think everyone should go on a ride along at least once. Especially people who are so critical of police.

Author — Donut Operator


Forte looks like an undercover though 😂😂😂

Author — b r


Shout out to that old cop at 4:25. Still out there hitting the pavement and chasing people down.

Author — MetalMarine825


It's nice to see Forte still associating himself with the bears

Author — Trevor Chapman


Jesus Christ could return to do a ride along, they'd cuss him out too.

Author — Gwmcmi02


Matt Forte: a *perfect* example of what ALL NFL players should be like on and off the field - even in retirement. Such an outstanding person.

Kaepernick should take a couple pages from Forte’s book.

Author — Matt 85


Wish there were more athletes like forte that takes the time to be in the community .Really happy to see this .Keep up the good work Forte

Author — Big Rick's Trucking


Honesty, Forte should run for Mayor of Chicago. He would have my vote

Author — Emmanuel Brambila


Forte has gone from Training Camps to Training Day.

Author — SuperPunch76


Can't believe Matt Forte got stood up for a handshake in the city of Chicago. Shows just how little that community trusts the police.

Author — Nickify


I really wish the relationship between the police and the residence was a lot better than what it is

Author — Pad 21


They're going to need a bigger whiteboard to track Chicago homicides.

Author — Jrbr 549


Good job Matt to bad you had to recieve the negative response but, you got a hands on experience of what life is in the hood. Thanks for sharing Matt Forte
I laughed when you didn't know if you should get out cause your facial expression 😂😂😂

Author — Todd Armour


3:22 Matt Forte > “so somebody has a gun?” 😳 lol...

Author — Tee Morg


Missed opportunity. Forte rode with a commander who isn’t responding to calls, or pulling over cars. Should’ve put Forte with a beat cop for full effect of day in the life of a cop in Chicago

Author — Rob Banta


Helping the community and showing the LEO side of things -- well done.

Author — Mr Incognito


Maybe you could try this before kneeling

Author — Yo Mama


This video is so awesome. I love what the bears are doing on and off the field. Such a good video!

Author — Nidiffer Productions


"So, somebody HAS a gun?"

That was code for "you sure is should be going to the scene, bro?"

Author — J Bellamy