WHY YOU SHOULD REINVENT & REBRAND YOURSELF! | Style, Career, Lifestyle | Jade Vanriel

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WHY YOU SHOULD REINVENT & REBRAND YOURSELF! What does t mean to rebrand your life? It's normal to want more for yourself but many of us don't know how to pivot our lives, so let's talk about it...

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We are multi-dimensional beings. We were wired for growth and constant re-invention so growth is key for us to live our best lives. This is a part of me I would never stop working on. great video, Jade.

Author — Yemi Ayodeji


This is such a good video! I’m a food content creator and now I want to get get more into lifestyle and fitness and it’s been a struggle with trying to reinvent myself online. This is something I needed to hear, thank you💗

Author — Ash


This is so true! Since becoming a second time Mum and having two kids under two (eeek!) I feel like I need to do something to change my work life so I have the flexibility to make an income but spend time at home with my kids. I am a Health and Safety Manager and work from home thanks to Covid which has been a real eye opener! I don’t yet know what that re-invention of my career looks like yet, but I just need to take the step to find out! Thanks Jade, great video 👍

Author — Nardos890


Thank you so much for this video. I've been wanting to reinvent myself since the first lockdown. But don't seem to be consistent. This was so motivating.

Author — Serena D Alexander


Thank you so much for this ❤, I love the part where you said look back at what you did previously before reality took over !



I literally said "thank you Jade" as soon as this video ended, I don't think it's a coincidence that I just "happened" upon this video when I searched for hair tutorials 😂 I had a clear vision of what I wanted when this year started and I sort of lost myself somewhere along the way. I think it's because when the year started I had no idea what it would be like, I just made resolutions according to what I wanted but as soon as it wasn't happening that way I started to feel stagnant. I knew I had to reinvent/change my initial plans but I was scared and this video really helped, so thank you. 🇿🇦

Author — Sisipho Mpakumpaku


New subscriber here! This video was amazing and exactly where my mindset is now. Please do more of this type of content!

Author — Sabine Francois


Love this! Such a good encouragement. Thank you Jade!

Author — Janniah Evans


Loved this! ‘We can start to create the little routines from now’ xx

Author — MariamQ


Thank you Jade! This was very timely ❤️

Author — LG London


Yes tea time please, topics: being a christian and a content creator, navigated adult hood after college loosing and gaining new friends, and how do you get it all done !!!! without feeling overwhelmed and in your head 🥰🙄

Author — Tahana Love


Your message really resonated with me. Thanks for the great content!

Author — Deborah


More self development and productivity videos please.

Author — Shamara M


Definitely making sense Jade, pray you also continue to raise and become a mogul.

Author — IShalomKay


Reinventing yourself is so great for you. Looking Fabulous as usually, love the video 💛

Author — Natasha_StyleZ


Careful with Intermittent fasting - it can cause Gallstones and other issues. Obviously do what works for you. I've personally never done it as I just eat as healthily as I can; I reduced my intake of refined sugars as much as possible and workout regularly & I feel absolutely amazing.

Author — Miss Detox


Woo! I needed this. Def what I needed to hear to focus on who I want to be.

Author — JayTV


I just love this! What a great reminder.

Author — Courtney Daniella Boateng


thanks sis for your video I find myself going through this pattern

Author — Mona Georges


Thank you I have been doing this for a while now, This is empowering 🙏🏿🙏🏿💕🇯🇲🇯🇲💕🙏🏿🙏🏿

Author — Patricia N E E Creations Home & LifeStyle