[PoE 3.19] 100 MAPS - All-in Apothecary Farming on Crimson Temple(T16) - Prep & Results (20-30div/h)

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Well friends, we're back again on the Crimson Temple, doing exactly what you'd expect. Speed-farming the Apothecary card for big currency. How does this farm shape up against god-touched farming? Extremely well, as a matter of fact. Aside from a league start economy, I estimate that Apothecary farming was still the king of currency even in 3.19. This means it's likely to remain on top in 3.20, so take that information with you into the next league.

I mentioned in the video that the 500% quantity multiplier is additive with gear. This suggests player quantity multipliers and monster quantity multipliers are not multiplicative with one another. I have not confirmed this with certainty, so if anyone has any information on that, please do tell in the comments section below. Thanks.

0:00 - Setup
16:17 - Full map run-through(s)
21:49 - Highlights
42:39 - Results
59:37- Gamble
1:02:15 - Final Thoughts

Cliff Notes:
Target: High-value divination cards
Maps: 100x T16 Crimson Temple - 8-mod rare quality
Kirac Bench: Ambush
Scarabs: Gilded Divination, Gilded Ambush, Polished Harbinger, Polished Elder
Sextants: Elevated gloom shrine, Elevated +3 strongbox corrupt/rare, 500% enraged strongbox, deli mirror
Investment: 80c/map
Results can be found in the video.

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I love your positive vibes so much. It's been so relaxing just watching through your series of different farms and listening to your methodology. I'm really glad that they are shaking up the farming meta again because it just means that I will have a bunch of new content to watch you test haha! Hope you get a good end on LoK and have an awesome league start in a few weeks here.

Author — GetRisky


Great vid, i'm running this now with a few minor tweaks. I replaced the beyond nodes and a couple of the block content nodes with seance and Big Game, and i'm using bestiary missions I had saved up so I can do your apoth farm strat, while also doing a bit of god-touched farming on the side. Once my bestiary missions run out i'm not sure what I'll do, but I'll try to figure out how to keep squeezing beasts in there somehow. Thanks for another great video!

Author — waylonk


During the calculation of your actual profit at the end, you added 5 divs instead of 15. I think your profit per hour was actually slightly higher than you calculated.

Author — Benjamin Delay


God touched farming was fun, but i an not going to miss them if they are really gone. But i think 3.20 are going to be promenade + deli mirror for me if the alters favorites doing the boss last.

But for me the best part of 3.19 was i found this channel.

Author — migmig42


One question, does divination deli orbs follow the zone drop list or is it more like stacked decks?

Author — TelarionX


A little correction - that's 240, not 224 chaos. @20:52

Just got to the end of the video, another one if I may-
182+15=197d. @44:31

This strat is even better than you mistakenly calculated it to be

Author — Danny Holland


For one time of my life I had more rng that Snoo founding 2 apo card in 25 maps in defiled, while on crimson I’ve never dropped one in 100+map even tho I was using the same « strats » on crimson than on cathedral

Author — Vincent Cianfarani


question, what are you doing to leaguestart? and will the same strat work next league for making all your currency to make this god tier build? anything helps :)

Author — BOUND


You replaced 1 apothecary with 1.53 in your calculation, and somehow the result is increased by 50.92 div, as if it would cost 96 div... something is wrong there. Your actual net increased from ~150 to 185, 20-25% more.

Author — Xeper


Running div duplication altars and counting the resultant gambler card drops was a mistake. These excess gamblers only pay in expected apothecary value if you hit a duplicated apothecary drop over the course of running this strategy. Certainly this can and will happen, but it’s exceptionally rare (on the order of tens of thousands of maps), and imo should have not been a part of the math as it’s beyond scope for a reasonable player in a single league.

Still my favorite strategy. Thanks for the video.

Author — liermam


there has been a question that has been burning in my...
ok...what you guys thought?

nice vid btw!

Author — flipmode74


That ratio of Seven years bad luck and Apothecary card looks to be correct. I can tell based on my experiance this league. From all sources in the game (all league mechanics, stack decks, normal maps and so on) I got 13 Seven years bad luck card (i did not count it but in the end I made a mirro shard from my cards so it had to be 13) and 2 Apothecary cards (1 from div chest in Lake of Kalandra and 1 just a normal random drop in Crimson temple map). So yeah, it seems Seven years bad luck card is 6 times more common the Apothecary.

Author — PanPlaton


Let me make one prediction for 3.20... Them Wyrimscale Gauntlests with despair on hit will be 5Div+ coz of your Champion xD

Author — Lord Grim


So, I ran a very similar test, but with full focus on strongboxes. No harbingers, no delirium, no elder scarab. I had 17-18 500% IIQ boxes on every map, which I opened after triggering the altars. I disabled filtering for Gambler, and got to business.

The outcome was completely unexpected. In fact, now I highly doubt that strongboxes method actually even works for farming rare divination cards. Why? 100 maps: 923 Gamblers; 317 Innocent; 139 Lachrymal Necrosis; 9 Enlightened; 3 Seven Years Bad Luck; 2 Hearts; 0 Apothecary. And while this can in theory be bad luck, but it's quite unlikely with this sample size. In fact, these numbers show a trend: the rarer is the card, the less effect strongbox IIQ has on it.

At least that's my explanation. Have any different ideas?

Author — tronax22


Got 1 Apothecary in 75 juiced maps from just a regular mob and next 300-400 maps 0 apo's, Also less than 20 Seven years bad luck and about 20 enlighten cards also ~20 divine orbs from the floor, got out of currency cuz no apo drop) seems unlucky me very much

Author — stimix


This league i did 96 juiced temple/cathedral with gilded div, ambush, abyss, harb, deli-beyond maps, enraged sextants. Maps were either 8 mod or unidentified with pack size sextant. Some maps were run with around 40% IIQ gear with around 3/4 run with 0%. I also did around 1000 low/mid investment maps with polished/rusted scarabs, cheap sextants, all kinds of different atlas trees.

Result was 20 elightened, 12 seven years, 1 apothecary. Most of those came from the 96 juiced maps, running low investment without speccing the atlas for max quant/pack size gave next to no rare cards.

Author — Entropix41


are you sure strongbox 500% is multiplicative and not just 500% on top of everything generally it would say 500% more drops not 500% increased

Author — GreatLakes Grown


Seems like it works for you so far Snoo, but I personally wouldl ove shorter more precise to the point video format and less fluff such as long introductions. Just a bit of feedback from me. :p

I am not sold on the idea of picking up and keeping track of Gamblers and making yourself feel better. I think it is questionable idea. Not sure if your interpretation is correct.

Author — ILikeGuns1992


How about trying to run 100maps in 2 minutes per map without harbinguer, not coming back for altars and loots, killing on the go

Author — Jose Luis Cuervo Lopez-Mora


In standard, I ran 40 T9 Crimson Temple maps with ~170IIQ map + 180IIQ on gear with gilded ambush gilded divination gilded harby gilded abyss, enraged corrupt boxes + beyond + harb sextants & 1 delirium orb (20% deli) and got 2 Seven Years Bad Luck and zero Apo cards. I quit running Crimson Temple and moved over to god-touched rare farming in Jungle Valley.

Author — Jeff S.