Fortnite - Survival Zombie Game 2019

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Fortnite is the Upcoming Open World Zombie Game with battle royale. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe.

Fortnite is the Action Building game from Epic Games coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac in paid Early Access on July 25.

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Author — Ultimate Gamerz


The default skin never looked so bad ass.

Author — Tomura shigarki


Who els is watching in 2019🤣

Edit: why did i get so many likes, thank you guys!

Author — isaiah Jackson


I wish this would have stayed as a zombie survival game, but honestly if it wasnt for the battle royal mode, this game wouldn't had the success it had.

Author — Maxi Bustos


1:52 no wonder why all defaults love the minigun😂

holy shite I haven’t got so much likes in my life thx guys 😂🔥💯

Author — Drip_ Wolf


Maybe the zombies are the people who died from the storm

Author — Dani Mihăilă


*when the trailer is more fun than the actual game itself*

Author — Себастьян X.


They should actually make a fortnite movie this is amazing

Author — Maja Jarresø


Ramirez: Stay back 2:12

Gets knocked

Author — Touch Free


Why do people NOT play Save The World? It's really fun! And it's stupid when people play it for V-Bucks.
The game is even on SALE so why not buy it? It's better than a freaking skin...

Author — Aksu


0:57 when you hear uncle Barry walking up the stairs

Author — Cytrix


I personally don't play Fortnite, but i gotta appreciate them using misfits' song astro zombies

Author — justacommenter


is the survival still supported or is it barely supported i really wanna get into its survival mode, something to keep on playing on my older years

Author — J R


Damn...That feels like so long ago when Fortnite was good

Author — FoxyXgamer 1987


Does anybody remember when the game didn’t have a cancer community yet?

Author — David Gendron


2020 xd!!??

Like if you hablar español!

Author — pixelnomaly


y"all do realize fortnite has been out for longer than that right battle royale came out in 2017

Author — games galore 6472


Who an OG out here (Comment if you started from br and like if you started from stw aka Save The World and this trailer is this)

Author — A Cute Kitten



To the res- R.I.P Ninja and penny

Author — Daniel Rodriguez


~Gives him a tray~ HEY USE DIS! Zenith : THANKS

Author — pikagirl 768