Drake - Club Paradise

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

Club Paradise (Official Audio)
Produced by Noah "40" Shebib

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I was driving home at like 11pm from NYC in the snow when I heard this song first. I was by myself and the vibe was just different. Seeing the snow and the city lights while cruising home. I miss that moment. Some of your best moments can be by yourself too

Author — NYC_Guy


Drake’s story telling abilities during the TAKE CARE era can never be duplicated. He created a sound. 2010-2013 is when he transitioned into a cosmic force.

Author — Jalen LaCourt


This comment section proves that Drake is a legend.. the impact he’s had on everyone this generation is impeccable.

Author — Wavy Stallion


No matter how much time passes - i still get chills when i hear this classic. Fall season '11 hit different with this.

Author — ManudB


When Drake dies, I'll fucking cry. This guy saved me from committing suicide. This guy is my hero. Nothing but respect and love for him.

Author — NC Styles


This and over my dead body ALWAYS get me emotional thinking about life.

Author — Maitlin Joyner


i was 16. now i’m 23. i was changing then and i still am... but believe i remember it all.



I cannot believe how far he has come. I literally went to one of his shows in Houston like 08/09. Mad respect.

Author — Miesha Julien


Whoever is still listening to this masterpiece in 2022 has great taste in music period

Author — SosTdm 617


When Drake is gone, people will finally realize, there will never be anyone like Drake ever again.

The GOAT 🐐🙌🏼

Author — Eddie Love


Whenever I feel like I’m losing my way, I come back to this song to make me feel grounded again - always have, always will

Author — Jess Whiting


One of his most underrated hits, touched my soul and brings tears to my eyes off the memories relived

Author — Vicarious Visuals


19-28 this is still one of my go to songs when I’m lost in all the airwaves that come with dealing with life. Lost friends, failed relationships, loved ones passing. No matter how lost you feel you always have those songs that remind you of who you were and where you wanted to go. It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. This is always going to be my favorite by drizzy

Author — truthisreal.


This song brings all those memories back from 2011 and 2012 back to me like it was yesterday. I felt as though they were my prime years everyone was just in the moment. This song reminds me of so many things. It reminds me of so many girls I could have and should have had memories with. It reminds me of my boys trip to Newquay, United Kingdom when we drove 7 hours to go to the beach only for it to rain and cats and dogs when we finally got there. It reminds me of some of the most depressing times in my life as well as some of the happiest. It reminds me of being so naive to the world. So many memories from just one song. This is why for me Drake is the greatest artist to ever do it. The Soundtrack to my life since 2009.

Author — OVO Begzino II


Lowkey my favourite Drake song. So much of his music is nostalgic, but this one always hits home. “Just lie to my ears, tell me it feel the same that’s all I been dying to hear”. “You think I’m so caught up in where, I am right now, but believe I remember it all” - I know everyone relates to that lyric

Author — Ab. Rhm


This song reminds me of fall 2011. I had just recently graduated high school and had no idea what I wanted to do in life. I remember hearing this walking back from taking my brother to school feeling like I’m so behind in life. 2012 I started college eventually got a good paying job and started a family. Hearing this Definitely brings me back to that feeling I can’t describe.

Author — T F93


This song sounds 100X better between 1 and 4 AM when your alone missing everything. Not even in a bad way. It just makes you want to keep in touch with everyone you've ever known.

Author — JT LUXX


This song takes me back to 2019 when I was experiencing a trauma and trying to recover, still makes me cry to this day and the feelings are still there 🥺

Author — Tyneisha M


THIS SONG TOUCHES YOUR SOUL!!!!💯🤘💯One of the most underrated songs !!!! Drake always had great potential and he is smart asl....

Author — Fo Fo


We all have that special moment when this song took over and we lived life care free. Just Live in the moment

Author — Ryan G234