Top MUST HAVE Witch Queen Legendary Weapons For PvE! | Destiny 2 Weapon Guide

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0:00 - INTRO
16:30 - SHOTGUNS
18:45 - FUSION RIFLES (Honorable Mentions)

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Krait with subsistence and headstone is amazing. Find myself tapping reload even when I have a full clip because of how good subsistence and first stinger work together. Add in headstrone and it is great for add control.

Author — Based Oz


I've been double slug shotgun swapping for raid dps with a fortissimo with demo+Vorpal. I swap between Fortissimo and an auto loading slug. When the mag is empty I pull out the Fortissimo, toss a grenade which reloads the mag, and keep shooting. Works like a charm

Author — Aidan Jackson


We appreciate your efforts in the great content you put out please keep doing what you do and much continued success to you in 2022 and Beyond

Author — Ridgeline H


For when you really don’t wanna deal with match game/barrier and don’t want to run arbalest, the throne world auto has adaptive munitions and genesis. I haven’t used it at all but that could be good in activities where Shields are a problem

Author — andrew allman


Might not be a big enough improvement, but I found that extended barrel to max out recoil direction on Forensic Nightmare made firing it a much more enjoyable experience. It may not bump it out of HM but it made a ton of difference for me in how much I wanted to use it.

Author — Zach Adams


There are some great weapons already in the game that really come into their own in this sandbox. For example; Vouchsafe, the 200rpm legendary void scout from the Dreaming City loot pool. It can roll with explosive payload & it's a top tier option for anti-barrier on a volatile rounds build. On that note; Every Waking Moment is a 600rpm SMG from the Luna loot pool & it is a very good option for controller players struggling to keep their Funnelwebs on target. Changing tack a bit, need a kinetic bow but can't be arsed unlock the Fel Taradiddle pattern ? Good news, Biting Winds is a kinetic bow available from the Europa loot pool & it can roll with explosive head (who doesn't like some explosive head ?) Lastly I want to shout out an exotic that more people need to know about, Bastion. This kinetic fusion rifle (currently available through the tower kiosk) HAS UNSTOPPABLE ROUNDS INTRINSICLY. Sorry for shouting but way to many folks did not get this memo !! It will stun an unstoppable champion with ONE slug from it's NINE slug burst and it will stun lock any unshielded non-boss enemy while putting out very decent damage. Trust me, give it a go next time you need unstoppable.

Author — John Alexander


This was genuinely very informative, and I will genuinely tell other people about it! I genuinely appreciate how much you helped me find some good weapons to farm. I genuinely hope you have a great rest of the season.

Author — Majestik Unikorn


This season has offered some of the most interesting weapons . Love the crafting as well .

Author — Keith Gabbard


As someone who crafted and played with that compulsive chill clip Deliverance a lot, 100% go with demo in column 1, compulsive reloader is just not it. With the base 6 mag, chill clip actually already activates on 4 shots since 3/6 counts, so you really don't have to reload that often. When you do have to reload demo is there, and every kill is 20% grenade energy since it's a special so it's really always there. Compulsive reload needs over 70% mag, so you can only get off 2 shots before it goes away even with backup mag or a mag perk, and manually reloading at 5/7 all the time gets annoying, especially considering you have 2 more shots of chill clip anyway. I'm enjoying the demo roll much more and would definitely consider it in endgame PvE since it gives you the ability to slow/freeze on any subclass. Unfortunately with how champions are it probably won't be usable unless a teammate is covering for you unless fusions get a champ mod again, but if they do it'll be worth trying.

Author — Dainurian


I had an ogma pretty early on with adaptive and wellspring and I loved it I was telling ppl how slept on it was, and then I got an adaptive/one for all roll and holy cow it’s so good, it’s my go to pulse for exotic lost sectors and master content, mainly cause it ignores “match game” too on top of being an unstoppable mod weapon this season. Do yourselves a favor and grab one of these bad boys but make sure it absolutely has adaptive munitions on it :))

Author — Bobby Bands


I prefer fish as a pet. Thanks for the video. As a D2 noob (just about a month in) it's very apparent how overwhelming the amounts of weapons and mods there are and what to keep or discard . I'm still trying to learn what to look for before my vault fills up again, up until about a week ago. I didn't know that it's not just the numbers that affect performance. Not all weapons have the same number of intrinsic perks, and that some perks stack onto of eachother to create one real BadA$$ of a weapon. Thanks for the knowledge

Author — narref04


For under your skin I would recommend enhanced archers tempo with enhanced adaptive munitions if you plan on using it in endgame pve content

Author — Dylan WRX


Every waking moment should be in the smgs, it's better than funnel web. Damage boosting perks are redundant on smgs when you have volatile rounds and font of might. Every waking moment is the better choice for PvE since it can come with wellspring.

Author — Tsuki🌕


Stunning Recovery on Duty Bound is great for solo lost sectors with Overload champs. Health back, improved recovery and a mag reload whenever you stun a champ, with anything.

Author — Klonerism


Krait was also my first Witch Queen drop! Auto-loading and headstone. Used that baby for the whole of the legendary campaign with my stasis warlock. Great video!

Author — hiren patel


I know this is a pve video but I'm really enjoying a crafted Come to Pass for PVP coupled with Mida multitool (although I still suck so incredibly badly at it 🤣) the Come to Pass is under rated

Author — James Pearce


Just started getting back into Desitny 2 and this was super helpful getting ove rthe PVE curve! Great content and thank you

Author — Eddie


Great work as always. Hope you’re feeling good, thanks for the information and entertainment!

Author — HappyRX


I actually like the throne world scout 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don't think it's spectacular but I really like how it feels and I really enjoy the rapid hit headstone roll in harder content when I want to use a scout.

Author — Brian C


Ragnhild-D with perpetual motion and elemental capacitor is really good for pvp if you are running arc, though I get that this review was for pve rolls

Author — Patrick Segaard