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Amazing nature: Natural swimmer 4.5

It's a water world and life couldn't survive without it. And thanks to it, a mind blowing diversity of creatures thrive beneath the surface. Born to enjoy the riches underwater they must master their body's adaptations, learn to find food, to escape danger and above all become expert swimmers! Whether it's in rivers, on beaches or in the deep ocean, all must overcome the obstacles and fulfil their destiny, all are born to swim!
Of all the habitats on earth, the ocean is perhaps the most challenging. Here salt, temperatures, currents and predators can make life difficult; it's not an obvious place to want to bring up your babies… But even in these waters generation after generation beats the odds. They have overcome the challenges and become some of the most beautiful and graceful of creatures. But any baby born to swim has a lot to learn…
All over the world there are creatures born to swim, and though humans are not, we seem determined to join them. Perhaps we are envious of their grace. Maybe we are all water babies at heart.

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Earth is full of mysteries and beautiful creatures.

Author — Smárt Hùńgyø


Thank you for this awesome documentary for beautiful creature on earth .Never see them in real life, So grateful coz i can watch them in yutube.God bless uour channel😊

Author — florida aguada


Can you even imagine caring for an infant when you have no hands? Fish, birds & many animals rise to this challenge every day, amazing!

Author — Katie Kane


Serene, engaging, therapeutic, absolutely beautiful. Great documentary. Saved to playlist

Author — Nesa


There's 8 commercials on this one... But, it's actually, kinda, worth it☺️

Author — Puma Bear


Thank you so much to everyone that made it possible for me to watch 'Born to swim'.

It was interesting & beneficial for the joy it brought me watching the footage.

Due to the path i'm on i become aware of much information that is often disturbing & it can become a crushing burden without something to balance it out.

Again, many thanks ❤



This is wonderful! Thanks to this I can at least watch interesting entertaining nature videos. Thank you for posting.

Author — Ioan Lightoller


peaceful! love the sound of ocean waves

Author — janie lou johnson


Thanks for this great and good quality video ... keep them comming ;)

Author — Steffen Swarchling


Beautiful views and great shots Brother

Author — Ashok kumar Chaudhary


the fish at 3:57 looks like he's got two straws that stick out

Author — Karen Gunn


I loved this video! And learned a lot 😀

Author — AlliMinja05


I like your channel am so happy if I see this video at cute all the animal(thank your)

Author — 昂個誒嗎


thanks for beautiful documentary right from the naturre

Author — Bhavesh Bharti


What a magnificent video! Thanks to channel owner. Very much appreciative indeed.
Dear viewers: Don’t you all agree that the absolute credit, acknowledgment & gratitude is entitled to (ALLAH) GOD Almighty. The only TRUE GOD. The creator as well as the preserver of the whole universe. Not the alleged Mother Nature! Mother Nature is his creation. Isn’t that right?
All species/wonders including human beings haven’t created themselves. GOD Almighty did. No alleged associates/partners with him. Consequently, he must be solely worshipped, feared & praised all time. I urge myself & everybody to immediately surrender to him. Start reading Quran now.

Author — Youssif Jassim


No preaching? Great! Indeed, great movie. Thanks!

Author — SheemOn Dallas


He didn't choose sausage life.. sausage life chose him...

Author — Florp


It's nice to see an animal documentary that doesn't include those savage moments where a baby seal is ripped apart by an orca or something like that. I definitely enjoy the real world we live in, but sometimes I don't mind it being censored, even for me

Author — conspiracies are just great stories


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The introduction and immediately followed by an ad. Sucks.

Author — yan chang