[Nizi Project] Part 1 #1-1

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JYP×Sony Music 「Nizi Project」 #1-1
2020.03.06 ~ Friday 19:00 YouTube ON AIR

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bruh nina was out there doing all that as a 14 year old and here i am, laying in my bed watching this and stray kids crackhead videos

Author — angel


I'm training myself because l have a hope that jyp will come to lndia and lm praying for that😋

Author — Pema Choden


I think JYP found a jackpot 'Nina Hilman'. If you watch JYP as a judge like on KpopStar and Sixteen, you'll see JYP has this facial expression when he knows a person have potencial or has the package that his looking for.
Edit: Nina 17:36

Author — Aeri L


Nina is literally the perfect idol. She can speak two languages, both fluently, has AMAZING singing skills, amazing dance skills, good proportions, cute smile, awesome facial expressions, knows how to handle her emotions... I could go on and on

Author — itachisgf


STEP AND A STEP is approaching 100 million playbacks! Please listen! There may be gifts from NiziU!

Author — TAKASHI


Please JYP entertainment come at India also for audition there are many children who want to audition for kpop idol but because of money issues they can't go to Korean for audition .

Author — _littlelion


i’m sorry, y’all talking about Erina and Nina (the people i see talked about the most), but can we take a moment to appreciate JYP himself? he’s able to balance so many groups and is in the process of making another one with the Nizi project. he’s also able to train these people and give advice to them so they can be their best.

also he’s trilingual, speaking English, Korean *and* Japanese- what *can’t* this man do?

Author — Chøsen Machi


okay so nina got:
+ singing ability
+ dancing ability
+ pretty face
+ good proportions
+ good attitude
+ cute smile
+ amazing facial expressions
+ she's only 14
+ nice personality!!
+ she can speak two languages fluently

_damn now i see why the whole comment section is talking about her aAaAAaAaAA_

Author — sunflower seeds


omg JYP’s face when Nina was singing... she’s 100% debuting!!!!
edit: damn the likes, check out my PERSONA trailer, i worked rlly hard on it ._.



Everyone is shocked with Nina but I am shocked with JYP's english 😲😂

Author — Kiki Michailidou



Author — Mai* Mihyo𓂃𓈒𓏸


I really like Nina. Her talents, her face, her everything is really idol worthy

Author — ryufleurs