Philosophy 6 ANAXAGORAS

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Hello! In the philosophical investigations from Anaxagoras, it was very interesting the proposition of a kind of cosmological intelligence called "Nous" which ordered the cosmos, giving it motion. It is interesting to reflect upon the nature of this "Nous". It seemed to be evident that the "Nous" was not a spiritual substance, but on the contrary, a material substance, since it was conceived as a special fluid that filtered through the intricacies of the elementary particles of the matter. That is, apparently, the "Nous" occupied a space. Maybe, Anaxagoras' studies about the brain and human mind inspired him with the conception of the "Nous". And, also the philosophical ideas from Anaxagoras related to the primary constituents of the material substance inspired Democritus with his atomic theory of matter.

Author — Joseph Arthur Orbegoso


Thank you for the very enjoyable and incredibly useful lesson.

Author — Aleksandar Brezar


A very helpful discourse on the subject. Finely made.

Author — Brucer Ducer


Wow, beautiful. Didn't aristotle also have a supreme principle, like 'the one' of plato?

Author — Handy Alley


These pre-Socratic philosophers were the fathers of esoteric alchemy, some scientific mystery that still eludes the greatest minds of our time, there’s something there but few, few can grasp it, I have scouted out that their hypothesis is the primary study of most all of the greatest mystery schools in the world today..

Author — Malk Winter


The "everything is in everything" sounds a lot like the Physicist David Bohm's idea of the Implicit Order.

Author — Russel Burgess


Hallo, Dave. When we were lectured cours of the ancient philosophy at the University, I didn't hear about Anaxagoras. Though I liked philosophy. But anyway, having seen this footage and having read some articles I bridged a gap. I have knonwn Anaxagoras was not only a philosopher, but he was also a meteorologist and an astronomer. This is why (I hope) he felt more then anyone professional sophist. And he understood the true sense of the idea that 'Everything is in everything' .  

Author — vvaryaga


Hi, I would really appreciate if you would make a video, How the pre-Socratic philosopher influenced Christianity. Or compare Christian doctrine with pre-Socratic philosophy. Thank you so much for great videos.

Author — V Y


hi, in this you ask if we will reach a fundamental particle but infinitely small is infinitely large so no end will ever be reached as our partitions will only be limited by our ability to perceive them. Everything being everything that must, by definition, include nothing. much love. X

Author — David Butcher


Is this where Marvin Gaye got the line (in "What's Going On?" at approximately :13 of original studio is Everything?"

Author — Robbie Frantz


if your having issues with ads interrupting your train of thought watch the vid after the ads?

Author — Ash Den