KV and Type O Neg

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Kevin Vargas of KISS in San Antonio interviewing Type O Negative band members

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Thank you for sharing this. You hardly ever see Josh do an interview

Author — Amy Hill


Didn't recognise Johnny without his face fur😂

Author — Kirsten Richards


This is great, thank you for putting it up.

Author — Herkermer Homolka


What an awesome clip. Thank you for posting!

Author — Michael Effertz


This sounds like the same guy who was heavy set, SUPER talkative, and SO upbeat who interviewed Josh (by himself-no Johnny) with a green screen around 1999 or 2000, where Josh looks hung over (but no wind).

Thanks for this...I'd never seen/heard it before.

Author — Arthur Bishop


Thank you for sharing! Never seen it before, actually it´s so much Type O videos (and other old videomaterial) thats new to me. Since I got internet like 15 yrs ago, but youtube wasn´t so well sorted back then. I grew up on the swedish countryside without cable-tv. So we had 3 channels and lots of trees🤣 But I had my beloved cd collection and I actually loved to wander in the forest by lakes and beautiful nature while listen to my cd-freestyle♥❤

Author — Linni G


Johnny looks like Andrew Dice Clay 😂 no offense

Author — Daniel Baugher