The Future Of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion

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The Future Of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion 5

Over the past decade, prices for solar panels and wind farms have reached all-time lows. However, the price for lithium ion batteries, the leading energy storage technology, has remained too high. So researchers are exploring other alternatives, including flow batteries, thermal batteries, and gravity-based systems.

CORRECTION (March 14, 2020): At 12:53 we incorrectly identify the size of the energy storage market. Overall, the energy storage market is predicted to attract $620 billion dollars in investments by 2040.

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The Future Of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion

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Hey, I and my bald spot are in this video starting at 6:04. Maybe link to the video you used from The Good Stuff in the description, CNBC?

Author — WheezyWaiter


This is the kind of news that I think we need more of. Rather than telling everyone we're doomed, this inspires people and gives them hope.

Author — Karl Wolf


"it's really easy to make one but extremely difficult to mass produce millions" - Elon Musk

Author — Karim Benallal


"The future is not a mirror of the past", let's meditate on that for a moment ...

Author — Detlev Obst


Giant hamsters in giant hamster wheels -- now *THAT*'s the future of renewable energy. I'm surprised they missed that one :-)

Author — xjet


I still think pump storage is underrated

Author — Conroy Boothe


Imagine Energy Vault stacking ESS Shipping Container batteries. Long and short term energy storage at the same time :)

Author — Leszek Cyfer


Energy Vault - when will it move past the CGI cartoon phase? Just sayin’.

Author — Space Comma


Energy Vault is a total scam, sucking money from investors

Author — Doctor Pex


The crane energy looks like a disaster waiting to

Author — Narain Tulshi


"Provides 25 kilowatts of power"
I think this is a mistake because this isn't a measurement of capacity. I think you mean 25 kilowatt hours, but that's almost nothing, so I'm not really sure what you meant.

Also as a side note those shipping container sized "Energy Warehouses" are only 400 kilowatt hours each. That's insanely tiny, equivalent to the batteries in 4 electric cars. From a battery the size of a shipping container, I would expect more.

Author — Henri Bergeron


These are so cool, this is the kind of thing I want to invest in

Author — Elizabeth Scott


Why not just use dilithium crystals? I hear Star Fleet uses them to power all their ships.

Author — David Triana


12:50 “Overall the energy storage market is predicted to attract over $620 million in investments by 2040”. Seriously? That’s an extremely low forecast. Could have been a mistake and they meant billions though.

Edit: CNBC has commented below and clarified it was an error and they meant billions not millions. Good on them for doing that.

Author — GrummanPilot99


Missed the mechanical spinning batteries which are already available in the market.

Author — Mike Scudder


13:40 - 20%, peak demand means power (W), storage is energy (Wh). This doesn't make sense.

Author — Till Foerster


Cheapest and longest living storage technology is Pumped hydro storage.

Author — Tom Buxi


In 2006 a friend and I figured out how to solve the world's energy problems; we would create a great dictatorship and put everyone who disagreed with us in a giant wheel to generate power for the politically faithful.

Unfortunately we couldn't agree on which one of us would be in charge, so the idea never got off the ground.

Author — Phil Sangster


Energy Vault. I'm not saying it's a scam. But everyone involved is either stupid or has a fetish for giant Legos.

Author — Christian Braun


Wake me up when I can buy one under 5k to store enough to go 3 days when there's a power outage

Author — Darius Yang