One Piece World Seeker - Official Trafalgar Law Trailer

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Take control of Trafalgar Law as he explores the island with Roule, a brand new character to the One Piece World. The One Piece World Seeker DLC 3: The Unfinished Map


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This makes me want an entire arc of just law going on an adventure in the aninme

Author — Neojin


Why does that lil kid look like a human chopper

Author — Maarten


The fact that Law has a soft spot for kids is just *chef's kiss*

Author — Perola Kise


Why does Law always seem so much fun to play in any One Piece game?

Author — Tra-Guy Tucker


I'm kinda torn. As a One Piece fan, this game is really underwhelming, but as an aspiring 3D artist who's kinda aware of the in's-&-out's of game dev, i can't help but feel massive respect for the devs trying their best.

This is pretty much like the One Piece anime; lots of heart & passion, but doesn't have the backing it deserves.

Author — PaszerDye


Finally!!! My fav char Law is looking 🔥🔥🔥 and defo worth the wait!

Also this game is sick! It's over hated by ppl who haven't even tried it themselves and never gave it a chance 😔

Author — GamerHoodUK


I bought the game entirely for this episode the day after the ep released. Completely worth it. I love a father Law

Author — First Name Last Name


When this got announced I was all for the idea of an open world anime game since that almost never happens with anime games, but given the reception this got, I'll end up waiting for a possible Complete Edition and a price drop with it in the future.

Author — Asasphinx


Did you see that? He's dodging Kizaru's light attacks. *Law is faster than light confirmed?*

Author — emcee munchapussy


I actually really enjoy this game, it’s pretty, they gave us the ability to play as my favorite straw hat in dlc, plus doing kong organ gun on Admirals is always satisfying

My only criticism honestly is I wish it had a NG+ mode!

Author — GLDFLCN


When they said the unfinished map i thought that they were referring to the map of the game.

Author — Jimbojui


Literally forgot this game existed to be honest

Author — King Mamzy


Dang I never knew this game existed but all I want is that Law actually has an arc like this in the actual manga

Author — SilentAij


Man I still don’t know how I feel about this game.

Author — mikethps


They’re absolutely no way they got the mechanics of law’s moves right in a game like this. He’s just too complex, the whole game would have to be designed around him.

Author — A B


Does this mean that other characters will have playable story arcs? I definitely will buy if so, I want to play as Sanji. Sanji is my top favorite character. He's just pure sunshine.☀️

Author — Leslie Vinsmoke


This is actually a really fun Game! Been waiting for Law to drop.

Author — NinjaAimless


I'm going to cry this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen

Author — Complex Carpet


I haven't played console/anime games like this and now I kinda want to play it coz Law is my fave OP character. But I'm broke rn from collecting his figures 😞

Author — Jyusatsu


Por favor, façam um jogo onde você pode criar sua própria tripulação, ter sua própria vida pirata onlinr no universo de one piece
Seria o jogo dos sonhos

Author — Murillo