ONE Championship's Most Unforgettable Finishes

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ONE Championship's Most Unforgettable Finishes 4.5

ONE Championship has seen a plethora of mesmerizing finishes in The Home of Martial Arts. Relive the most unforgettable finishes in ONE history, including Aung La N Sang’s second-round TKO of Brandon Vera, both fifth-round finishes in Angela Lee vs. Xiong Jing Nan rivalry, and more!

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eddie alvarez getting out of a beat down and then choking his opponent out was amazing

Author — Rosch Fernandez


How is Cosmo Alexandre vs. Sage Northcutt not on this list?!

Author — LeWard Johnson


15:50 the ref is checking in with his mentor Mario Yamasaki for approval

Author — Levi Weatherd


10:15 One just gotta love so many of them referees. Professionals! 👌

Also, Alvarez come back from leg kick is fantastic.

Author — TheNeckbender


“Good night Irene”...That commentator used that quote for every finish...Overplayed for sure...

Author — isaac651


Legend has that even Mario Yamasaki called some of these stoppages a little bit late...

Author — Post Scriptum


5:26 me playing KWOP for the first time 😂

Author — Big Huddy21


That sweep by Angela Lee was incredible.

Author — Adam Lewis


The powah, the powah, the powah, the powah, the punishment.
🤣 I’m dying

Author — Adam Badali


I must meet this "Irine" he speaks of....

Author — #WickedSick


That Brit dude on the mic must be a Bristol Rovers fan with that incessant “Good night Irene”!....

Author — Kevin Tucker


6:45 — Nothing says “quality fighters, tough matchups” like a laughing crowd.

Author — Keith Bell


On number 10 I think the ref was looking for an ACTUAL ref to stop the fight 😂

Author — Mark Clements


"The big kabosh, good night Irene!"

Author — Semper Fi


Man that Aung La Vs Vera fight was madness, one has been on fire lately

Author — francesco la pietra


20:34 #1 the timing is perfect. he saw his enemy started spinning, he jump forward with a fist to his head. perfecto.

Author — Berlin Sianipar


Sadly I watch these fights with my volume turned down. That announcer with his one or two cliche reactions is quite annoying to say the least! Love to hear someone put the big kabosh on him!

Author — Piping Beardsman


15:55 Stupid referee.. He's stop the match too late

Author — Aprian Makahinda


18:40 "It's rear naked chicken wing!"

Author — superAweber


I always wanted to see more thai boxers in the UFC. Glad to see then here. Those guys are bad to the bone.

Author — Eric Petty