Ukraine: APCs and choppers descend on Slavyansk

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Ukraine: APCs and choppers descend on Slavyansk 4
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W/S Ukrainian troops on BTR APCs on the road between Izyum-Slavyansk
M/S Army helicopter
W/S Ukrainian troops on BTR APCs on the road between Izyum-Slavyansk
W/S Cars at Slavyansk checkpoint
W/S Masked men at barricades
M/S Masked men at barricades
W/S Barricades
W/S Slavyansk city hall
M/S Flag on top of Slavyansk city hall


Ukraine: APCs and choppers descend on Slavyansk

APCs and military helicopters carrying Ukrainian interior security troops could be seen entering Slavyansk on Thursday, reportedly leading to fighting with anti-government protesters on the outskirts of the eastern Ukrainian city.

As interim government forces attempted to take control of the city, five people are alleged to have been killed as a result of shootings, one policeman injured and three checkpoints manned by anti-government activists destroyed.

Locals in the neighbouring village of Hrestische reported sightings of eight armoured infantry vehicles in the morning. Two military helicopters were also allegedly visible above Artyomovsk. Residents of Slavyansk are being warned of the escalation of fighting by police via loudspeaker, with most shops and schools remaining closed as a result.

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A civilian is no longer a civilian once they pick up weapons against a group of people. In this case, pro-Russians against eastern Ukrainians. This takes them from civilians to combatants.

This wave to retake government buildings would have happened one way or another.

Don't go breaking into your neighbors house, burning and destroying things, beating up the occupants, and telling them, and everyone in the neighborhood that its your house.

Revisit the facts. The riots started before the previous president evacuated to Russia. The government had no choice left except vote and appointed a leader. That is not illegal. Its smart. It leaves a nation still governed, even if you don't agree with his/her views.

In the moment of opportunity Russia floods a sector of Ukraine and annexes said parcel as its own via votes. (Pretty convenient).

Then the riots and protests turned on the current leader/s (now current).
Combatants storm and take over government buildings (not citizens).
Now the government comes back to reclaim their buildings on their lands. Who would have thunk!?

Russia threats assault.
No one ever would think Russia would do that! Pfft. With troops on the border, sly military flights as far west over Europe.. Ahem.. Err international waters...

U.K. and the Netherlands must be closer to Russia than even the best maps provide..

No. Russia is not the one being provocative. Right.

Author — ProducerPilgrimUS


The US will do anything to start a war.  ANYTHING. 

Author — fozzy0266



Author — Иван Иванов


Putin should declare a no-fly zone over the entire South-East of Ukraine and start shooting down everything flying.  This will send a message to the punks in Kiev and their Nato puppet masters that from now on their own physical safety is in question.

Author — Pkwic


Поддерживайте сэпаратыстув эта ваша жизнь так будет выглядывать

Author — kamilek milusiński


this is how much europe depends on russian gasses

Author — George Simon


Now the NATO should atack Ukranian Army. Situation is similar like in Libya, Syria, Ukraine army attacks unarmed or light arm civil people. Fuck off NATO!

Author — Smenara Ana


the American pupet gonna go and free the libtard vice journalist. Good job the illegal government of US occupying Ukraine

Author — FearHaIv


Thats the way to talk about freedom and to rezolve comflicts with the guns tanks air support shooting them killing civilians  on the pretext of "terrorists and anti guvernamental sentiments"thats the way that of  the the people that pretend to spuport one sistem called "freedom or democraty".The comflict can be rezolvet with no killings even they sad that they want to be heard and to not live in a nazi-capitalist state  but what do you want for a capitalist state that opress exploit the brainwash the people kiling them and scary them beffore the alections to make them not for a long time because the people of the hole world realize this and more and more refuze them and their speches about lyes and fake promises that will never had acomplished and the people realize that is no Freedom and will be never Freedom becausre if you let them Free the Rich class will enslave the Poor and Medium class and the Guvermemnt too because those Companies become si big and Rich that they control the Guverment the Banks control the economy and the big Rich  Companies control the industry too Opresin the Explointing and Brainwashing the Poor and Medium class to make profit making Wars for profit Modern slavery for profit killings of Milions for profit and more.

Author — Comrade Geany