Unexpected Wave Compilation (CRAZY!)

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Unexpected Wave Compilation (CRAZY!) 4.5

This is a compilation of unexpected waves and mini tsunamis. The clips are of waves crashing into beaches, cities and boats.

You should always take caution when around the ocean. Anything could change in a split second. The sea could be calm and quiet one moment and rough and dangerous the next.

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A new compilation dropping later today! Stay tuned

Author — List Posts


this compilation is so weird. one clip is hilarious and the next people are dying

Author — Lucas


THIS is why I will never let someone bury me in sand on the beach

Author — Yeemint Official


I cant even watch the ones with people on the rocks, its just so dangerous and stupid that i cringe

Author — Cecelia


The clip of the three people and the one woman just like floated away into danger that FREAKED me out!!

Author — Courtney M


humans: "we will be fine"
mother nature: "hold that thought"

Author — peadarmacc


How to survive a tsunami : be the camera man lol!

Author — Mxddie_. vlogs


Most of these look like king or wind whipped waves. A tsunami is much, much worse.

Author — SkullCrusher117


2:53 WTF why is no one talking about this one??? This is so dangerous! They literally got dragged into the ocean!

Author — ʚ Lumi ɞ


1:28 when a random Spanish spoken guy starts to show off his German skill.

Author — H日天


If i see a big wave i won't stand there and wait lmao these guys

Author — qttt tieee


I'm convinced we just watched at least 3 or 4 people die in this video

Author — bobo fattt


Some people: OMG A TSUNAMI RUN
Japanese people: haha big water go splash

Author — TWrecks


People needs to understand that when the waves drags you out to sea it's almost impossible to come back to shore! I know I just watch people die! SMH

Author — YouTube Rescue 911


Wave : *coming*
Hoomans: just standing there and not running away
Wave : So you have chosen death

Author — Hamza Radouan


2020: So y'all want more waves? Ok let me put a couple of tsunamis.

Author — Jose Rodriguez


The only thing bigger than the waves is the amount of dumbassery.

Author — druidia9


It's all fun and games till the consecutive waves get larger.

Author — Jay Gadhiya


people really be standing and filming a great wave coming at them forgetting that tsunamis can kill.

Author — Megumin ii


Waves be like: "So you've chosen death."

Author — Jose Roa