Motorola RAZR V4 Introduction, the Foldable Smartphone is here,The Legend Reborn!!

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Motorola RAZR V4 Introduction, the Foldable Smartphone is here,The Legend Reborn!! 4.5

If you look at the history of smartphones there are few smartphone which evolved as a brand icon and could be said as a legend of its time. The Motorola RAZR series were definitely one among such device, with its unique fashionable clam shell design Razr became identified as a "fashion" product and an iconic cell phone in the late 2000s. Now Fast forward to 2018 just a few days ago at MWC 2018 Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing hinted that they are indeed bringing Moto Razr back ,He also hinted towards Motorola's focus on foldable smartphone technology in the coming months. This could mean they are working on an new generation of Razr smartphone with a fordable design ,and remember Lenovo has been working on fordable display tech for years now and they have even demonstrated several prototype versions of it in the past.
Taking this news as inspiration we have designed a concept design of the next gen Razr smartphone,we call it the Motorola RAZR V4..

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Flip phones are back! Who had the original RAZR? 😘

Author — The Omar Gosh Vlogs


I will switch back to Motorola if this is released

Author — Scrotum Monster


Samsung and Huawei: *release new foldable smartphones*

Motorola: hold my beer.

Author — kittenautie


A small phone that folds into a bigger phone is what I want!!
Not a big phone that folds into a small tablet. Take note Samsung.

Author — EliteDavid Horne


if they actually manage to pull this off, this will be a game changer.

Author — Zeekeal VR


Who is here after moto razr 2019 release?

Author — raghav muthiah


Way better design than the Mate or Galaxy.

I miss flip phones.

Author — tacomahnster


This is what the people want. This is what I've dreamed of for years!

Author — Cosmic Sparrow


this is a much better design than huawei and samsung. If this release, I will definitely buy this one.

Author — Deaddy


If it's one thing Motorola knows, its how to build a hinge. This is going to be amazing! I have dollars waiting for you Motorola, come git some!

Author — AeronoidWD


I would leave Apple for this. I loved my original pink razr.

Author — Tiffany Rutherford


I remember when the Pink Razr was all the rave💗

Author — Skullomania Izu


Finally someone that understands that less is more. I love IOS and I’m still sceptical about the whole folding screen concept, but these guys really caught my attention, and I take my hat off.

Author — ludmila song


I'm in love with this phone allready, this is the best ever design!

Author — АРХОНТ


People can finally shut their phone when theyre mad

Author — ꧁༺Alyssa༻꧂


Motorola to Samsung "Hold My Beer."

Author — Michael Barnes


Somebody know the name of the music? Its so good i can hear it everyday

Author — Ivo Ferreyra


everyone's so hyped until they notice that the phone's 1500$

Author — cuteimouto


Did anyone got a Razr 2019 ad before the vid started?

Author — XYcat


OMG, it feels like I've been waiting for this moment!! I loved motorola razr hot pink color!

Author — Jiyea Lee