Reporter’s hilarious reaction to approaching bison goes viral

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Reporter’s hilarious reaction to approaching bison goes viral 5

A Montana television reporter was filming at Yellowstone National Park when he saw a herd of bison approaching.

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And this why horror movies can never have a full cast of black people, there would be no

Author — rANDOMdUDe


"I ain't messin' witchu....uh

Man is smarter than 98% of the people I usually see on the internet lol...

Author — endorphinz


I went to the comments for the “black people and horror movies” comments. I was not disappointed 😂🤣🤣🤣

Author — Mademoiselle Kee


That my friends is called a healthy respect for nature.

Author — spartan1010101


The fact that the park responded makes this even that much more hilarious🤣

Author — Laila Lovegood


White reporter: That looks dangerous, let me see if I can get a little closer.

Author — jg-X


If you can go viral during times like this you must be a legend.

Author — Barry Michael


Lol finally a news reporter with enough sense to remove himself from potential danger, instead of being out hugging stop signs in a hurricane 😂😂

Author — GlamFam Hair & Beauty


If dave chappelle was a reporter that would be him 😂🤣😂😂

Author — Hp Hp


Fled a potentially dangerous situation with manhood completely in tact 😂

Author — Language Learning Lover


This is an accurate definition of "common sense".

Author — uthamanj


News Reporter: “why am I hearing boss music?”

Author — dEEb


As if the eye movements and the look on his face weren’t hilarious enough, I died at the string of “Oh no” that came after the first “I ain’t messing wit’chu.”

This is a spot on meme for when you ‘gas2go.’

Author — S D


That’s my boy Deion we went to high school together lol funny how I saw this and thought it was him but wasn’t sure until I heard his voice lol good shit bro 😂👌🏾

Author — Greg Bolling


A black man named Deion near a herd bison in Montana...this goes against all of the stereotypes so far encountered!

Author — IronMan93


When THAT one family member tries to drag you into their domestic disputes.

Author — Andrea Carroll


He’ll definitely survive any horror flick u throw at him

Author — Caps NZ


“If I ain’t with that “ was a person lol 😂

Author — Jizzle 412


I bet we won’t ever see him covering tornadoes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Brandi Myers


Horror movies have seriously underestimated the average black person’s situational life expectancy. I feel cheated.

Author — Bacons Strip