poly hair rigging demo

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Hello guys,
a short video (as my account is currently not validated : / )
about my current development on rigging polygonal hair.. This stuff is pretty straight forward and the demo is more to like show how procedural the whole process can be made.

This is no tutorial, but I guess some more advanced users could be able to pick some of this stuff up quite nicely.

anyway thats it for now,


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Hi Stefan, nice work! Just an aside, but the combine command (options) now can combine skinWeights too - so you could just combine all your hairtubes and delete non-deformer history and be done with it. No more need to duplicate, combine, copy skin weights etc.

Author — Doom Mantia


I just love your rigs! : ) Wish I was that good at rigging. Where did you learn how to make your rigs with so many amazing features? I remember you mentioned digital tutors in one of your videos. Is it worth subscribing to their tutorials?

Author — To Yen


Sort of a related question to hair modeling, but do you know if it's possible to taper a NURB generated by 2 curves? One curve dictates the direction, the second curve dictates the extruded shape (a circular curve makes a cylinder for example), and after that would it be possible to taper this cylinder or shape? Maybe with a 3rd curve, but how would you do this? Is it possible to drive a shape with more than 2 curves?

Author — tabby


hi, stefan..great works! big fan!..any tips or tricks to solve skinning problem(i dunno if its a skinning problem tho) at upperLeg and hip regarding character sitting in extreme position such as her knee touch her jaw, i'm currently working on some scene that had the poses in it. any comment on solving it? so sorry for direct question..im a noob so..yep ty so much for your time anw!

Author — ewik dibandung


Hi Stefan, Im one of your suscriber and love your vids! TQ for making it. I wonder if you have any video how to make the hair of it? Its really nice

Author — Elly Chand


well i cant right the mel but i certainly can build the curves and attach them to the low res high res. thanks for the major help.

Author — Christian McKim


Witchcraft! Witchcraft, I say!

That's a really creative approach you came up with there, great result too!

Author — Spiel Kind


Can you tell us where to find the hair rigging script you were referring to? I'd like to check it out.

Author — Will W.


lettice + spline joint + some nurbs + nhair dynamics.

Author — Zenovarse