QUIT DRINKING MOTIVATION - The Most Eye Opening 20 Minutes Of Your Life

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Countless people including Jordan Peterson, Ben Affleck, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Rich Roll, Daniel Radcliffe, Brian Rose and Jack Canfield explain why you need to stop drinking alcohol.

"All alcoholic drinks, including red and white wine, beer, and liquor, are linked with cancer. The more you drink, the higher your cancer risk."

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- Drinking about 3.5 drinks a day doubles or even triples your risk of developing cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus.
- Drinking about 3.5 drinks a day increases your risk of developing colorectal cancer and breast cancer by 1.5 times.
- Even moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to an approximate 30 to 50 per cent increased risk of breast cancer.
- The less alcohol you drink, the lower your cancer risk.

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💬 Comments

Almost 9 months sober, 46 years old, i was stuck in the loop of anxiety and drinking. Finally broke the cycle 😊💪🏻💪🏻

Author — @matproud44


I could remember several years ago alcohol addiction actually destroyed my life. I suffered severe depression and mental disorder. Not until my mom recommended me to psilocybin mushrooms treatment. Psilocybin treatment saved my life honestly. 8 years totally clean. Never thought I would be saying this about mushrooms.

Author — @AllenGeorge-pw2xo


One thing that helped me was this quote: Addiction is giving up everything for one thing. Recovery is giving up one thing for everything. Kept me on the straight and narrow. Best wishes from Australia

Author — @avrilf4252


My husband and i quit drinking almost 4 years ago. We drank everyday, for 3 years straight. Early 30s with little kids. It all started with just a twisted tea, then we were bringing vodka and rum home every couple days. We fought all the time our kids were scared it was a very toxic environment. One night, we got in a huge fight that nearly ended both our lives and that was the last time we drank. I pray to God to keep us sober till the day we die, because sober life is the BEST life, it is amazing to wake up and love life and love each other and feel great. We both lost a ton of weight, we eat healthy, we do things with our kids as a family, we find happiness in the little things in life! Thank you Jesus

Author — @inafield143


Today is my first day that I’m finally out of denial. I have a drinking problem. I appreciate the video and all the comments I’ve read.

Author — @meganlovesresearch5944


11 years sober. Never thought I’d make it this long. For those at the beginning of the sobriety journey, I’m going to say the most important thing that was said to me: Some days it’s going to suck really really bad. I needed it to not be sugar coated because some days it was excruciating. Eventually, the obsession with alcohol dissipated and ultimately disappeared. It took many years of not drinking but it happened.

Author — @pbetftdi


One of the best lines I read said it all to me: sobriety gives you everything that alcohol promised.

Author — @paulprevey6240


I just started my sobriety today with alcohol. Started the gym this last week again, and am training for several bicycle races in the next couple years. After ruining my life with alcohol the last few years it’s time to begin. It was really nice seeing I’m not the only one struggling. I hope you all do well.

Side note: im an amputee from a high school accident and have been numbing myself with different drugs and alcohol on and off for 13 years. We can do it

Author — @sytra5300


4 days sober here, been drinking everyday for a very long time. Something had to change, it's affected me in every way possible. To others going through the same... you are not alone.

Author — @joedaddy8044


48 years old ( can’t believe that)
Been trying to stop drinking from the age of 23 - started at 12-13 like a lot of others - 24 years of not been able to put it down and keep it down !! This video has been really inspirational for me - got a tattoo 3 months ago with the last date I drank - still nearly been picking up though and I’ve just hung on - watching this tho has really helped me feel like I’m not missing out - even tho I have pretty much destroyed my life through booze I can still think that - I am scared to drink now tho as it is so horrendous after a binge and I have damaged my health body and brain over the years ! I really don’t want my kids to drink and suffer some of the horrible stuff I’ve been through with booze - bit of a ramble this but so good to hear comments from people who are not drinking - I hope myself and anyone else who is struggling pulls through and stays away from the damaging drug alchohol !!
All the best everyone let’s live in the light ✊️✌️

Author — @galaxygangster1


I was sober for 21 years until covid hit and was laid off. It was the perfect excuse for the addict in my mind. I’m struggling to surrender again, but this helps me today. “Don’t quit quitting.” That’s my mantra.

Author — @rock-creek


No weed
No alcohol
No pharma
No sugar
No coffee
Drink only 💧 water
Walk 2 miles six times a week
Changed my life for the better! Pure energy! Join the 3%

Author — @Sage5000


Just hit 10 months sober. 58 and it changed my life. Alcohol and marijuana were ruining my life. 🙏

Author — @SouthFloridasRestaurantGuy


5 years sober here… the first week is horrible, emotional roller coaster. I was crying angry proud weak .. just everything. After the 2nd week emotions ease off a bit but cravings continue. A month in and u feel like u got this. 3 months later ur going to feel your body and ur attitude starting to change for the better. 6 months is dangerous because u feel that your healed so u start making excuses to have one beer or one glass . U can’t let alcohol touch your tongue at all once you’re on this path because it will take you back. After a whole year I finally was able to sleep without nightmares of me drinking and ruining my sobriety they felt so real I was glad they stopped .. 2 years and ur good just remember not to ever let it touch your tongue again.. it snow balls.. I feel like it’s a demon that wants back in and will make up any excuse for u to let him in… don’t do it be strong ❤

Author — @hundredproof1512


Today my journey begins, i feel like i am finally ready to quit and this video reinforced that feeling. It wont be easy but it will be worth it. Good luck to everyone else getting rid of that demon called alcohol. You can do it!

Author — @dutchguy1807


My brother died this year from alcoholism. He was in his late 50's, a Navy Veteran, had a wife, 2 kids, house, and his own business and he lost it all before he lost his life. Thank you for this video, people need to see what it really does. I lost my grandmother, grandfather, and 2 friends along with my brother, to this horrible affliction.

Author — @patriciamedaris8552


My last drink was the early morning of December 25th 2021. I lost 60 pounds the first 4 months. My head is clear, my thoughts are much better, and my outlook on life has improved tenfold.

Author — @katevanhouten8440


Almost a year sober here. I'm 39 and drank pretty much everyday for about 13 years. What I can say is this, in sobriety I have found that it's not an alcohol problem. It's not a drug problem. It's not a porn or a gambling problem. The real problem is deep down inside and the substance or activity is the symptom of the real issue. The lasting treatment for this sickness varies per individual. What's worked so far for me is that I have to release my supposed control over things in my life that I can't control anyway, give my life and my will over to my understanding of God, to forgive myself, and to be a selfless human.
It's a choice. Either you can change and find a life that you can enjoy or go back to the bottle or other addiction for another day.
If you're reading these comments than you are probably either sober or trying to find a reason to be sober. I hope all these people sharing their experiences helps you to either start or continue your amazing journey of freedom from addiction.

The best is yet to come ❤

Author — @jonathanbrewer9416


I was drinking every day after work, I looked forward to it, I enjoyed the taste and effects of beer, wine, bourbon, it was a daily habit for several years. I basically didn't drink when I was married. I went through a divorce when I turned 40, I started going out with friends to bars and my drinking became a daily habit. That went on for the past 18 58 years old now, I had my last drink January 1st of

Author — @boguskitty426


17:40 haven't let a tear out in a long loong time but this speech pierced right through me, also made me reflect how innocent little kids we were but traumas and life turned us into this "monster"

Author — @Leon-ve2xb