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In Spring of 2010, I took No. 3 train from Broadway and 50th St to get to the Brooklyn Museum at Flatbush. Spent 4 hrs here and another two at the nearby Brooklyn Botanical Garden, but had to cut short my garden visit because it started to drizzle.

The Brooklyn Museum is one of the largest in the US, but second only to the MET in New York City. It houses a permanent collection of Egyptian, classical, and ancient Near Eastern Art, European paintings, as well as contemporary art.

This video highlights selected masterpieces from the permanent collection of Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Art, the Mummy Gallery, period rooms representing 18th century furniture and furnishings, a beautiful wedgewood collection, and a grand exhibition of Rodin's sculptural works in the lobby.

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Nice and cool. Its located in Crpwn Heights right on the border of something else on Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue? The stuff there like the Egyptans and old artist photos are quite The history, and the exhibit with the antique-like dining room with candles, looks romantic if it a reallife setting at someones houseand I've been there before several times, they have a mannequin (fake much smaller version of lady liberty) in the back near the parking lot bordering the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Author — Alisa Karter


I can tell you something about the Schenck House.  The Schencks were some of  my ancestors come over from Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) to the new world.  Theirs was the first house built in Brooklyn, a wood house that withstood all kinds of weather for many years. When it began to be too damaged by weather and later by traffic, they disassembled it and put it up on the last floor of the Brooklyn Museum, a floor built  to house it. 

Author — Schuyler Hamilton


So boring is this museum. Nothing is stimulating to the eye, just some old junk from old days, thats not art...

Author — The Big F U