What You Should Know Before Eating At McDonald's

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McDonald's is massive, and we know you've been there dozens of times. But…what don't you know about McDonald's? It probably doesn't surprise you that a company this big has a ton of weird stories they try to keep quiet, so this is the untold truth of McDonald's.

While customers Stateside might not have heard about it, McDonald's Japan had some major issues in 2014 and 2015, issues so big and so gross that Mother Jones reported they led to a 10 percent sales decline. It started in July 2014, when McDonald's stepped in to take some serious action against one of their Shanghai-based chicken suppliers. Rumor had it that the factory was mixing expired product in with the fresh stuff then shipping it to McDonald's, Starbucks, and Burger King in Japan and China, and that's just gross. Just a month later, a customer in Osaka found a piece of a human tooth in their fries, and it doesn't need to be said just how big a deal that was.

Then, in early 2015, there were several reports of customers finding pieces of plastic and vinyl in their Chicken McNuggets, leading the recall of one million of the bite-sized chicken chunks. McDonald’s supplier, Cargill, investigated and came to the conclusion that the contamination didn't happen in their factory. So where did it come from? We may never know…but it was there.

Watch the video to find out what you should know before eating at McDonald's!

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The McNuggets recall | 0:14
The world's biggest toy distributor | 1:11
They’re not that huge | 1:39
How they make their money | 2:44
The cost of doing business | 3:40
A chilling ad campaign | 4:51
They’re not always welcome | 5:42
The ban on straws | 6:26
The Golden Arches aren't always gold | 7:11
No Horses Allowed | 7:57
Sickly Chicken McNuggets | 8:52

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I feel like they repost the same video with different names every so often and hope we don’t notice

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Mum: want McDonalds?

*Hell yeah*

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What else should I know? You've made like 67 videos about this same topic. Oops, you got me. You just got another view and another comment. Respect

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Me: **keeps eating mcdonalds**

Someone: *wait that's illegal*

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How many more McDonald’s videos are you gonna make? I mean seriously 😒

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Ive been eating McDonald's for around 10 years? Idk but I love there food xD edit: thanks for 11 likes!

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Me eww
Still eats mcdonalds yumm im lovin it

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mom: we will get food
*arrives *at* mcdonalds*


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Who’s really gonna stop eating mc Donalds after this video...


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Is this gross? Yes
Am I still gonna eat it? Yes

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Omg I won’t eat McDonalds anymore

Me: Ooh FrIEs 🍟

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I live in sweden so Im just gonna ignore this US problem

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I know one thing.

Theier icecreamsachines never work

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What You Should Know Before Eating At McDonald’s

IT’S REALLY DELICIOUS, but after u are hungry again.

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idc what people say, if i like something to eat i’m gonna eat it lmao, yolo ✌🏽

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I Just Get The Chicken Strips And McChicken With Fries...I Dont Really Care.

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Me* eew never eating McDonald’s again

Mum* goes and gets McDonald’s for tea


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My older sister works at McDonald's and she said that there ice machine has bugs and mold in it🤮

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