Iran Chanted 'Death To America' Way Before Trump

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Iran Chanted 'Death To America' Way Before Trump 5

Angry Iranians chanted 'death to America' before Trump and they'll probably chant it after. The media downplayed their threats when Obama was in office, now they're claiming it's World War III.

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Burning american flags just like the left does in america.

Author — Re Peat


The chanted Death to America while stampeding their own people.🤷🏻‍♂️

Author — Victor


The left and dems push fear because it’s all they have


Author — D Villanueva


Why aren’t there “death to that country rallies” here?

But Muh Refugees demand entry to a country they hate.

Author — chad rathbone


Soleimani: And Iran
Iran so far away
I just ran
Iran all night and day…

Trump: but you couldn't get away🤣😝

Author — TheGreatChuchet 08


I like the reporter wearing a hijab but will talk about womans inequality in the USA 😂

Author — Out Exploring


Since 1979 that chant has been a #1 hit in Iran

Author — One Word


Iran: Death to America! ☠️💀⚰️💥

Obama: What?! You love America to death? Well, that deserves billions and billions of dollars there, buddy! 💲💸💵💰

Author — Jake Ryker


Can we just have a month of mourning for my best friend Soleimani? 😭

I lost alot of money when he was killed!

Iran, Chuck and I can be your PR firm in America, call us (you have our numbers).

Author — Nancy Pelosi


World Geography 2020...
where is iran?
i can’t find it..

Author — Trucker Tru the Tru Trucker


And we're supposed to apologize and feel bad for killing terrorists...

Author — True


They say they're gonna make the white house to islamic shrine . Do you think you can make peace with them???

Author — Alireza Habibi


They got what they deserved . Trump 2020

Author — Fletch Lives


In the 80s the Uniform Dress code was changed in direct response to the deaths of American Military Personnel traveling outside of the United States, and We were directed to NEVER Wear Uniforms and to only wear Civilian Clothes when traveling on International Civilian Transport.

Author — Dr Shoe


They were chanting the same thing when Obama signed the neuclar

Author — Sam Iam


I wonder if mountains can be turned to dust and desserts into glass?

Author — Fireproof Crane


Ps: Isaac received the Birthright and Not Ishmael!

Author — Renee Youngbull


What else is new ?!? 😂
They’ve been doing
this since 1979.

Author — cosmicVox13


Yes...since before Obama! During Bush... I believe!

Author — Sheila Becker


Never forget the people who have sided with Iran in the media & when you purchase entertainment or products. And especially when you go to the polls.

Author — Blanco Lobo