India's Chandrayaan 2 moon probe set for landing | DW News

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India's Chandrayaan 2 moon probe set for landing | DW News 4.5
Indias Chandrayaan 2 moon mission is going according to plan and people are crossing their fingers that the Vikram landing module will make a successful soft landing near the south pole of the moon's far side, putting it in an exclusive club. The aim of the unmanned Chandrayaan-2 mission is to study water deposits.

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Im waiting from america. I think its set to land hours from now.
Good luck india!

Author — Dadson worldwide


To India- congrats. You are now one of the 3 countries that can go into space now. -From a guy in the US

Author — Johnny Dotson


10 dislike r flat Earth and bbc, alza hizda, newyork times and other west media, but thanks dw news.

Author — U r a JoKe


A worthwhile report, if a bit unnecessarily backhanded:

[They launched a spacecraft...because they failed an earlier attempt.]

[They want to do research...oh but really they're just trying to prove themselves.]

Why say it like this?
To your credit, those aspects are facts and worth knowing (...I guess), yet if that's true, you completely fail to detail any of the groundbreaking research of WHY they are targeting the dark side of the moon. Afterall, finding water in kind of a big deal. This will move the world of scientific knowledge forward. I find that more significant than spreading some quasi-political agenda. Just sayin'. I have a feeling this report might have been worded differently were it a Western craft (I am an American, for disclosure's sake).

We should all be thankful and proud of India's tremendous accomplishment even thus far.

I hope I don't come off as too harsh—I am nonetheless glad that DW reported on this. Danke.

Author — Paul Naughton


I'm from But I'm so happy seeing it land on moon soon...

Author — Imad Khan


first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Congratulations India.

Author — oldmonk


This is a good news for not only India but to the entire world as this is the first mission to the south pole of the moon which is the first of its kind. I am very impressed.
Kudos India!!!

Author — Flavored Bleak


Hit like for successful touchdown to lunar surface. 🇮🇳

Author — Abrar Razi


Can't wait to watch it land. Best of success India! From us here in the USA.

Author — jay f


It didn't land as expected. Communication stopped. Maybe crashed. But we Indians can try again.

Author — Saithalavi Koya T K


It's cost is less than making an average Hollywood movie🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳



Good job🇮🇪😃
Good luck🇮🇪😊
Congratulation from China🇨🇳 We are friends for all Asians

Author — Mr Rio


As an Indian, i am very proud on me that i am born in India, all the best to hard working ISRO's scientist.

Author — Jaswindar Singh Randhawa


Hooray for India’s space program! Praying for a soft landing and finding good information.

Author — Skashoon


I am from London and waiting to see the Vikram landing on moon.
Being an Indian i can't express how proud i am.

Author — aman singh


OK, it's time to negotiate the problem of sovereignty of Moon. I have a good advice for world and Moon Peace in the next 100 years. South pole belongs to India if they succeed this time, near side belongs to Russia and America, and the sovereignty of far side of Moon belongs to China. If Other countries wanna land on Moon, you should get a Visa from them firstly.

Author — jacky tang


WHEN DW NEWS FINISHES BBQing BBC you won't be needing to add salt to it

Author — Devesh Bhosale


Now India is going to create another massive history, But till now PAKISTAN doing research "How to enter into India". 😉

Author — Manoj R


Great achievement for India. Haters and jealous people go get a life...

Author — SpeakTruth


95% of the mission is successful but there is a connection problem with lander.

Author — Eld3r