15 Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class / School Pranks And Life Hacks

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15 Weird Ways To Sneak Food Into Class / School Pranks And Life Hacks 4.5

Students likes sweets, teachers likes sweets! But lessons are lessons, and class time is not lunch time, is it? What to do if you still want to eat? Watch our new video on how to sneak food into school!

Supplies and tools:
• Milk
• Gelatin
• Vanilla sugar
• Notebook-shaped mold
• Notebook cover
• Hot glue gun
• Sticker
• Plastic spoon
• Utility knife
• Pen
• Licorice candies
• Marker
• Straw
• White-out
• Container from glitter
• Paint primer
• Printed label
• Chocolate raisins
• Oreos
• Tinfoil
• Box from Crayola crayons
• Clean glue tube
• Pliers
• Pringles
• Blender
• M&M’s
• Containers from paint
• Acrylic paint
• Box from a paint set
• Plastic bottle of dishwasher liquid
• Tube from a roll of paper towels
• Pencil case
• Light clay
• Skittles
• French fries
• Candle
• Meller candies
• Tape
• Cardboard tube shaped container
• Picture of bears
• Bottle from clear glue
• Glitter
• Can of Coca-Cola
• Pencils
• Chewing gum
• Rolling pin
• Sprite
• Sugar paper
• Chocolate chips
• Pastry bag
• Food coloring
• Food marker
• Wooden stick
• Wafers
• Edible pearl powder
• Round jars
• Magnets
• Clear nail polish
• Nutella
• Cookies

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💬 Comments on the video

*I’ll eat all the candy.*

*Has 5 chocolate covered raisins inside.*

Author — Mypugfight su


Troom Troom: "This one box of crayons has enough cookies to last us a whole day!"

Me: *You underestimate my powers.*

Author — Zoë Nightshade


A teacher cant get in trouble for eating in class. They do it ALL THE TIME in my school...….

Author — Sherman Burns


3:29 OH LOOK its my favorite marker brand *MaRKeR*

Author — Tanya Davis


I’ve tried that but the problem is my seat mate always tell my teacher:(

Author — Banana Milk


Wouldn't you get in trouble for having a knife at school

Author — drea


"While I'm eating a normal lunch, my friend is eating a notebook." Says casually.

Author — Haylee Higgins


You know how loud that would be opening tin foil.
Me at my school:

Teacher:Ok open your books and “name” please read page 156
Me:I’m hungry I’m going to eat my Oreos that are rapped in tin foil and its going to make a super loud noise but idc
Opens Oreos in tin foil*
Whole class:
Stares directly where the noise came from*

Author — s a k u r a


Wouldn’t your get in trouble for having a knife at school in the first place

Author — Nataleigh Kirkpatrick


"Nobody has no idea that there's a coke inside"
**pulls out the coke can**

Author — dOyOukNowbTs


Do teachers sneak food cause mine just chomps away in our faces even when im hungry

Author — Mammon Is Best


she’s literally the teacher... she should be able to eat whatever she wants in her classroom 😂

Author — Lilia Blair


Bro you can literally see the m and ms through the sunglasses in the first “hack”

Author — Bella❤️🌻✌️🌊


Mom: What did you put in your bag?

Me: Oh nothing...


Mom: *Grabs bag*

Mom: Oh it’s just a gum knife

Author — Osem Blog


Wouldn’t the tinfoil make noise in the middle of class??

Author — Allinah Edwards


6:19 why the heck are they raising their hands like that

Author — Ashley


Me:eating normal lunch*
My awkward friend: eats a notebook*
Me: why do i have a weird friend

Author — Cenk Akbostanci


Me: *makes the food at 3 am*
Mom: Emma what are you doing! and why!
Me: makings food because Troom Troom said I wont get in trouble

Author — Emma Volin


Yeah sure, my teachers always have cookies and Nutella in there magnets

Author — Henry The Collector


troom troom: psint thrm with bright colors
me: isnt white a bright color already

Author — CrazyMario Jr