Are Parrotlets LOUD? NOISY? Ziki The Talking Parrot Forpus Sounds

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Ziki is a Pacific Parrotlet, also known as Forpus. He is free to roam outside his cage all day and he makes a variety of sounds. These video clips show Ziki between the ages of 3 and 7 months.

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So I notice my guy is just a little louder than these guys but he is not bad at all. He uses his loud voice more often than these guys but at its worst he’s still pretty quiet when he’s yelling at you from a different floor. Great pets!

Author — @macintoshimann9892


My Lovebirds enjoy their little sounds ❤❤❤

Author — @BobaScusi


Great video. My little boy totally reacted to Ziki's noises. He was glued to the phone. 💕🦜.. Is Ziki a boy or girl?

Author — @alexarredondo3561


My parrotlet loves listening to this ❤❤❤😊

Author — @MaiarXFairy_1010


it's adorable awwww so cuuuute i want one like this, anyways i'm new subs here 👍🔔
i wanna see more from your bird :) so let's be friends

Author — @Hajargiyomi


2:28 Bill whetting. Parrots, doves, and Pigeons engage in this activity when settling down to sleep or nap at a roosting site. The birds repeatedly scrape the edges of their mandible (lower jaw) and maxilla (upper jaw) against each other to keep them trimmed. This is normally a social activity; when one bird starts, all others of the flock join in.

Author — @motherlandbot6837


Yez they can be loud, I have 2 males and the alpha male is definitely loud and bossy.

Author — @diannespink2168


i have two sparrow parrots just like ziki, how can i tell the difference between male and female. have a blue one at 11 months and a green one at 5 months

Author — @TheHightower89


lol how he moved the string in the shutters

Author — @Lukas-cm2b


Theyre like lovebirds but *f a t t e r*

Author — @rafifakhrie8974


Parrotlet is best type of parrots...❤️🦜

Author — @birdparadise397


Do you play “peek a boo” with your bird?

Author — @MaddamNiku


Can you have 1 of these birds if you have a lot of time for it?

Author — @zuziadzieciol1046


If you let them loose don't they poop all over your floors and furniture?

Author — @kookoopoofs


do parrotlets eat parakeet foods or parrot foods?

Author — @papagen00


Hello hello
I'm Herman forbid25 channel in Indonesia 🙏😇🙏

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