DIY Zero Waste Produce Bags - Simple Tutorial

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Why buy produce bags in the shop when you can make yourself.
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Hi there,

My name is Niamh and I have a BSc in Nursing Science. I specialise in nutrition and natural healthy living. I hope you enjoy these videos!

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I would recommend doing french seams. It prevents the muslin from fraying and because you're effectively sewing the seam twice, it gives a stronger seam.

Author — BES


I used an old net curtain. Really light and reusing

Author — Rosie Hoy


Had a go at making my own produce bags tonight. It's the first time I've used a sewing machine in a long time (I'm 24 years old and the last time I used one was probably when I was about 12 years old). My first bag is ok (For a first attempt), I almost sewed it shut because I was so excited to get it finished - un-picking stitches was so much fun 😂 - I'm going to have another go at making another bag, hopefully this one will turn out even better than the first! Thank you so much for this tutorial ❤

Author — Kippdee Family


Love the simplicity ! Easy to follow your directions. Thank you!

Author — GG Barton


I can't wait to dust off my machine and sew some of these! I have a cheap pack of baby muslin squares I'm going to cut up! And possibly also going to make some wipe cloths as in another of your videos. Thank you for the inspiration!

Author — Teacup JoJo


I picked up some net curtains today that were free of charge from a charity shop today to make some produce bags, super light. Great idea about the shoe laces 👍🏻

Author — Jo-Sully-Anne


I bought a extra light white see thru curtain from a thrift store. I paid less than 2 CND$ and it will make a lot of bags. I think that fabric is quite strong and will be able to manage a lot of products without breaking. For the string, I bought a roll of nylon twine from the dollar store. As I found it too thin, I crocheded a chain with it to make it bigger. Et voilà. Now what fabric should be used for powder goods like flour, sugar or spices without adding too much weight as some spices can be expensive. I will try extra light nylon from a old bag used in mens stores when you buy a suit. And I can have that long zipper in bonus for another project.

Author — Andrea B


So sad and ridiculous that in Italy we have to use the plastic ones by law, cos of hygiene reasons.
Many are actually biodegradable, but still awful.

Author — Uapa500


Awesome! I’ve been wrestling with the idea of buying produce bags for a long time now and I never once thought about just making some 🤦🏻‍♀️ so happy to have stumbled upon this video, I can’t wait to give it a go!

Author — iluvmangos2


I've just come across your video as I was planning on getting my sewing machine out anyway to repair some clothes. I'm gonna give this a go! I shall check out your other videos - you are so calming and cheery!

Author — Becca Gloria


This will be a great winter project! Thank you dear🥰

Author — Marita Rodriquez


Great! I knew that the material on the bag mattered because of the weight. Thanks for letting us know about the muslin fabric.

Author — Jen D


Thanks for sharing! We all need to ditch those pesky plastic produce bags :)

Author — Chnae Alisha


This was really helpful! Thanks for the video!

Author — Holly Pittman


Love the idea. Will be making some soon

Author — Swati Pai


I've upcycled some of my old t shirts into produce bags! :D its awesome

Author — Ocean Pancake


Do you use it for pastry and baked goods too? 😊 i definitely will try muslin. I bought some super heavy ones from a shop, but not too keen on those as it adds a lot to the cost 😕

Author — Knallbart


I've wondered what type of material can be used to make these. Muslin is lightweight, but if you don't have it, what's the next best thing which won't add weight to the store's price per pound scale?

Author — Thelly Shirendal


Apart from everything else you have beautiful teeth! 💕 Brilliant idea - I cannot understand why anyone would give this a thumbs down 🙄

Author — Season .Appreciation


In the US you can write the tare weight and they will take it off at the register. Great bags, thanks for the tutorial!

Author — Kati R.